4 Nose Job Facts You Should Know

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement surgery, there are countless different options out there for patients, no matter what their specific needs might be. The world of aesthetic enhancement surgery has expanded quite a bit over the years, and while the vast majority of us think of larger scale procedures like breast augmentation or even the Brazilian Butt Lift, when we think of plastic surgery, the fact is that facial plastic surgery is also becoming quite popular as well, as more individuals than ever before are willing to undergo facial surgery than ever before as a result of improved technology, newer techniques, and increased safety measures and precautions. One of the best examples of this has got to be the rhinoplasty or often referred to as the nose job Greenwich Connecticut patients, men, women, and even individuals as young as 18 are having more rhinoplasties than ever before. And while traditionally when we think of a nose job, we think of a purely aesthetic procedure, and a vain person looking to slim down the bridge of their nose, that isn’t always the case. In fact, according to Dr. Richard Swift, known to be the best plastic surgeon Greenwich patients trust, when it comes to a nose job Greenwich men and women not only have them done to look and feel better, but they actually help with breathing issues, as well as the function of the nose and nasal passageways as well. Despite how popular rhinoplasties have become amongst patients, and despite how long they’ve been around, the fact is that many patients are fairly uneducated about them. And all too often this lack of education ends up screwing them out of the best results or putting them in a bad position at the end. In this article, we will be going over a few of the lesser-known facts about the nose job Greenwich patients absolutely should know, especially before they decide to have it done themselves.

· Incisions Inside and/or Outside Your Nose!

When it comes to a rhinoplasty or nose job Greenwich patients are often uneducated on what exactly is happening during the procedure and how the job is being done – this is the case for most plastic surgery procedures, as individuals across Connecticut are well off and simply just want to hear about the end result, they don’t “care how the sausage is made”. This isn’t the way things should be, according to Dr. Swift, as the best plastic surgeon Greenwich has to offer, he believes patients should know every detail of the procedure as it is elective surgery and in case something goes wrong, they should be able to explain every move of that procedure, how it should be done, and if mistakes were made, how it was done improperly. During your rhinoplasty, you will have a nerve block (regional anesthesia) or general anesthesia you don’t feel any pain during surgery. The procedure involves making an incision outside your nose or inside the nostrils. Your surgeon will remove parts of cartilage in the nose and replace and reshape it with other cartilage, usually from inside your nose.

· A Successful Surgery Will Never be a Perfect Surgery.

The fact is that all too often, following a nose job Greenwich patients will have completely unrealistic expectations to look like Jennifer Anniston or Kylie Jenner. The fact is that you will not look perfect, and a successful surgery is based on an improvement – if improvements are made, then your surgeon has done his or her job. A nose job can be life changing, but you need to have realistic expectations for the results. The goal is to achieve improvement, not necessarily perfection. It is important to understand your nose will continue to age and change after surgery. Talk with your surgeon before surgery about what a nose job can do for your appearance and self-image.

· Did You Really Think Insurance Would Cover You?

When it comes to a rhinoplasty, this can be a bit tricky, as in many cases, while a rhinoplasty is conventionally thought of as a cosmetic procedure, it can often offer a number of functional and health benefits as well. Therefore, there are definitely some instances in which you might be able to get your health insurance company to cover the costs associated with your rhinoplasty. As the best plastic surgeon Greenwich patients trust for rhinoplasties however, Dr. Swift believes in the vast, overwhelming majority of cases, insurance will not be covering your nose job – so plan for outside financing.

· You Might Wait a Year to See What it Looks Like

This is something a lot of surgeons will certainly attempt to hide from their patients. However, Dr. Swift, having been in practice for years, and having a great rapport with patients, believes honesty is vital for a surgeon. The fact is that swelling and light bruising, and even some scarring are simply a byproduct of a nose job and most plastic surgery. And while this stuff will heal, in some, often rare cases, patients have seen changes to the appearance of their nose as long as 9 months to a year following surgery. While for most patients, you’re swelling with start to decrease after a week or two, and you will likely see your nose in its final post0surgery form within 3-4 months, just be prepared. Some patients heal slower, while others might even need revision surgery to clear up certain complications.

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