4 Different Variations of the Rhinoplasty

Since plastic surgery became accessible to the masses, the rhinoplasty has been the most popular form of surgical face enhancement around. From your favorite celebrities and actors to soccer moms or the girl (or boy!) next door, more and more people are considering nose jobs than ever before! However, despite this recent popularity, many are unaware of all that a nose job can really entail. As the top nose job specialist, NYC has to offer, Dr. Richard Swift believes that because the nose is essentially the centerpiece of our face, it has the ability to both enhance and diminish our appearance. For some, a larger, more ‘bulbous’ nose is less appealing than a thinner, sleeker nose. In addition, if the nose is too large or asymmetrical, it can overpower your other features, not only diminishing them but making them appear asymmetrical as well, when in fact they are perfectly fine.

Over time, as people we have come to find symmetry as an aesthetically-pleasing quality – this extends to all aspects of the face and body. Considering this, Dr. Swift pays extra attention to detail and takes a meticulous approach to sculpting and shaping the nose based on this idea of symmetry. This not only enhances the appearance of the nose but brings out the beauty in the other facial features as well, improving the overall aesthetic – this is a major reason why Dr. Swift is considered to be the best nose job specialist NYC has to offer. In addition to bringing out other features, one important thing to note about the rhinoplasty procedure is that it can be customized based on your precise needs and wants. Considering that everyone’s features are different, they will have different requests for augmenting their nose. As the top nose job specialist NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift not only customizes this procedure based on those requests but performs a number of different rhinoplasty variations as well. Each variation differs greatly from the other, and some are less invasive than the other. Again, these are highly dependent upon the specific needs of the patient and not everyone is a good candidate for each variation.

· Open Rhinoplasty

The first type of nose job procedure is known as the open rhinoplasty – used for those patients in need of more drastic correction or enhancement. This procedure uses vertical incisions made along the skin separating the nostrils known as the columella. Once this incision is made the skin and soft tissue are then elevated off the structure of the nose, so your surgeon can have full, unimpeded access to the nasal structure.

· Closed Rhinoplasty

This variation of the rhinoplasty procedure is designed specifically for those in need of minor, less severe reshaping and restructuring of the nose. Considering the skin of the nose is separated from the bone and cartilage that make up the framework, once this area becomes exposed this bone and cartilage can be removed, reshaped, augmented, and rearranged in order to achieve the desired new shape.

· Revision Rhinoplasty

This is sometimes known as a secondary rhinoplasty or nose job. As the top nose job specialist, NYC has to offer, Dr. Swift is often requested to correct a previously ‘botched’ or undesirable rhinoplasty from another surgeon. Depending on what exactly occurred, and what details the patient feels are in need of correction, many revision procedures can be considered to be quite severe – in some scenarios requiring general anesthesia as well as a lot more skill, time, and patience. These procedures are difficult as you are often starting from a place where the nose is already damaged, unlike a ‘fresh’ procedure where the surgeon has far more room to operate. Because the area has been operated on, the options may also be somewhat limited, however, with Dr. Swift’s experience he has been able to correct even the worst nose jobs.

· Filler or Botox Rhinoplasty

This is an interesting type of nose job, and some would argue an entirely different procedure. But this non-surgical variation of the rhinoplasty makes use of either injectable dermal fillers or a neuromodulator like Botox – both of which are used in the treatment of things like wrinkles and expression lines. Using these injectables you are able to correct issues such as depressions in the bridge, smoothening sharp angles, restore the symmetry of the nose, and even change the look of the tip of the nose. As the top nose job specialist, NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift recommends this non-surgical rhinoplasty variation for those patients who may not be ready to go ‘under the knife’ or those who aren’t in need of a great deal of correction and may just have small-scale irregularities.

With every variation of the rhinoplasty, there are different benefits and advantages. Determining which one is right for you is important, and a decision that should be made during your consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Richard Swift. To schedule your consultation contact us today.



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