Dermaceutic Skin Rejuvenation in Manhattan, NYC
Alongside a healthy diet, board-certified Manhattan plastic surgeon and general surgeon Richard W. Swift, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S., strongly recommends the daily use of an SPF and Retinol cream to protect and reverse the aging effects of the sun and free-radicals. Sometimes, however, your skin needs a little more help. If you’re dealing with uncomfortable skin issues, a chemical peel can give you gorgeous results in little time.

There are various levels of peels to help treat surface pigmentation, scarring, fine lines, as well as deeper peels that go beyond the surface of the skin. Each one offers numerous benefits with minimal to no downtime – so you get the look you want in less time than you think.

Types of Dermaceutic Skin Peels
Everyone’s skin is different, which is why there is a variety of Dermaceutic skin peels to help restore your natural beauty and youthful glow. They include the:

  • Milk Peel – Helps soothe tired skin while reducing fine lines and restoring tone. A milk peel helps improve the appearance of oily skin and dilated pores while boosting the effects of your daily cosmetic regimen. Clinically proven in 92% of cases to provide more luminous skin. In a clinical trial, 100% of users saw a significant improvement in frown line roughness.
  • Mela Peel – Ideal for reducing the appearance of uneven skin tones. Helps improve the appearance of pigmentation and create a radiant, bright and even complexion. In a clinical study, 83% of users saw a more even skin tone along with a reduction in hyperpigmentation and age spots.
  • Cosmo Peel – Reduces fine lines, scars, “smoker’s complexion” and spots. Available in four concentrations including superficial and medium peels at different skin levels. Safe, controlled skin penetration with minimal downtime. An ideal aesthetic treatment enhancer when used alongside mesotherapy, dermal injections or fillers. According to an independent dermatologist evaluation, 94% of users noticed fewer wrinkles while 86% saw a significant and continuous improvement in the appearance of age spots.

How Long Does the Process Take?
You can enjoy the deep, cleansing sensation of a Dermaceutic skin peel on your lunch break! Sessions typically take 15 to 20 minutes and work with all skin tones and types. During your session, you may feel a slight tingling sensation. This is the Dermaceutic product reaching deep into pores to help fill and reduce skin blemishes, irritation, and pigmentation.

After the face is prepared using a special pre-cleanser, the Dermaceutic peel product is placed on and around the most affected areas. You should keep the mask on for approximately 12 hours for best results. The best part is no one will know you even have it on!

How Soon Will I Notice Results?
You’ll start to notice results right away! Smoother, softer, more radiant skin is yours from the moment you remove the mask. You’ll notice an immediate change in your skin’s pigmentation. Blemishes seem to vanish naturally, and fine lines and wrinkles are no more – making your skin look years younger! And that’s not all. Your skin will continue to look toned, soft and smooth day after day, week after week.

What Skin Conditions Do Dermaceutic Peels Treat?
Dermaceutic skin peels treat a wide range of conditions and concerns, including oily skin, dull complexion, blemishes and acne prone skin, pigmentation and dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and more. Get visibly softer, totally touchable skin with zero downtime. No one will ever know you’ve undergone a peel. Instead, sit back and let the compliments roll in.

Turn back the clock on aging and enjoy radiant, smooth, younger-looking skin. Often imitated but never duplicated, Dermaceutic peels are the only product on the market that offer you immediate results that progressively improve day after day. Be sure to let our office know if you are following a specific skincare regimen or taking any medications before you undergo your Dermaceutic peel.

How Much Does a Dermaceutic Peel Cost?
Costs for your Dermaceutic peel treatment will vary depending on the number of treatments needed to achieve your desired result. Most insurance plans do not cover plastic surgery or specific cosmetic treatments. Dr. Swift accepts payment via cash, check, or credit card, as well as Alphaeon Healthcare Lending as a financing option.

We’re here to help you receive the healthiest, softest and most revitalized skin possible – and now residents of Manhattan, New York City, and surrounding areas can do just that thanks to Dermaceutic peels and the expertise of Dr. Swift and his staff. Interested? Want to learn more? Contact our office today for a consultation.



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