Before You Get Your BBL

In today’s society, plastic surgery has become far more mainstream than it ever was before. With more women and men not only willing to undergo such cosmetic surgery procedures, but the fact that they are willing to discuss them openly as well, is quite striking when you think about it. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the best BBL specialist NYC has to offer, while we have certainly seen an increase in all forms of plastic surgery, more than ever, procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift, have become far more common than any other method of enhancement surgery around. One of the most common occurrences, that make BBL surgery a necessary enhancement procedure is certainly the fact that when women tend to lose weight they tend to experience loose, handing skin along their once, beautiful shapely behind – and as the years go by, more and more loose skin develops and as society tends to lead far more towards, larger more round shapely buttocks – especially when you check out the hottest of today’s Instagram models, or everyone’s favorite reality TV beauties, the Kardashian sisters. Each and every year, statistics show that there are roughly 10,000+ MORE BBL procedures that are done, and with increases ranging from 16-25%, it truly does pay for those in plastic surgery to work on this life altering buttock lift procedure.

The thing that women need to understand about the BBL is that it is designed to enhance the shapeliness of the gluteal area and provides you with more round, firmer buttocks. And as the best BBL specialist NYC has to offer, Dr. Richard Swift, has performed countless of these fat transfer procedures over the years, a big reason why patients consider him to be one of the most competent authorities on such issues. The fact is however, before getting the procedure done, there are tons of things patients need to know, and far too many of them are going ignored – in many cases leading to drastically unwanted side effects, and according to certain doctors operating out of clandestine surgical centers in the Caribbean, death is even a possibility for such patients. And while some doctors might tell you no, initially, it is vital that you follow the advice of someone who is accredited and not someone who is some type of a discount doctor with a medical license in question, just because they have less rules, and offer the cheapest prices.

Preparing for Your New Buttocks

According to Dr. Swift, the best BBL specialist NYC has to offer, preparation is one of the most vital aspects of your procedures, and the best thing you need to understand is that your prep work isn’t for the days before your surgery, but the days which follow. According to Brazilian butt lift specialist, Dr. Swift, one of the most important things you need is for someone to be standing by the day of your surgery to take you to and from our surgical site – as you will not be in any state to driver yourself, especially after the procedure. In addition, Brazilian butt lift specialist, Dr. Swift would also recommend:

· Having a few weeks off of work or school, where you will be able to lay in bed and rest, allowing your body to heal and little else.

· Also, be careful as you absolutely shouldn’t be sitting or laying on your butt following the surgery, as you need to keep as much weight off of it as possible.

· Baby wipes, especially for the first few days as, it may be difficult to get to the shower on those initial days.

· Stool softener, this is vital because with the use of narcotic pain relievers you might suffer constipation, and the last thing you want to be doing is to be stressing while trying to use the bathroom (for at least a few extra weeks).

· Protein shakes and other healthy meal choices, with high carbs, fats, and calorically dense foods. This will assist in your healing.

The most important thing however, is that you make sure to follow each and every one of your surgeon’s requests, and pay attention to each and every one of your follow-up appointments. For more information or to schedule a consultation, be sure to contact Brazilian butt lift specialist Dr. Richard Swift, today!



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