In today’s pop culture landscape, it is all about the butt! From social media, and reality TV, to billboards, and the pages of the top fashion magazines – the female backside has never before been this mainstream or widely popularized. And it definitely isn’t a coincidence that this love of the backside, just happens to coincide with the sudden openness of plastic surgery procedures amongst American women. Never before have women been so willing to discuss the work they have gotten done – with some willing to shout their surgeon out in every 3rd Instagram post! With the appeal of having a larger, more voluptuous backside procedures like the Brazilian butt lift and the use of butt implants have become extremely popular. As the top plastic surgeon New York has to offer, Dr. Richard Swift is a strong proponent of a fat transfer procedure like the Brazilian butt lift, while others in the field prefer to use butt implants. And with patients out there experiencing amazing results from both procedures, it can really be difficult to decide which on is right for you. If you are considering butt augmentation in any form, it is important to educate yourself on the pro’s and con’s of each procedure, before making your decision. Dr. Swift believes in a high level of transparency, and providing his patients with as much information as possible – this is a major reason he is considered the top plastic surgeon New York patients have truly come to trust. To help you make the right decision for you, here is some important information you need to know about either procedure.

What are Butt Implants?

Often known as gluteal implants, butt implants are often made of silicone, similar to breast implants. Butt implants generally come in either a round, circular or oval shape designed to add volume to the buttock area. While the shape is anatomically correct to natural buttocks, they also feature a smooth or sometimes textured surface – again, similar to breast implants. Over the years, as the technology of silicone implants has improved, they have become far more durable and resistant to rupturing, or deflating as a result of excess pressure – but this is obviously still an issue as they age over the years.

How Do Butt Implants Work?

Highly dependent upon the patient’s body type, the butt augmentation procedure begins with the surgeon making an incision at the crease of the buttocks. At the point of incision, the surgeon creates a pocket for the implant – either above or below the muscle. Once the implant is properly placed, the area is sutured closed. In addition, surgeons may also implement body contouring measures such as liposuction (lipo) to improve the contours and even out the size of the buttocks. As the top plastic surgeon New York has to offer, Dr. Swift will use liposuction (lipo) to trim fat from the areas surrounding the buttocks (hips, waist, & flanks) – as this will not only slim the patient down but accentuate the newly added volume of the backside.

How Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Differ?

While both procedures are methods to add volume to the backside, the Brazilian butt lift procedure is much different – considering it uses the patient’s own fat as the main means of enhancement. because of this, a good candidate for the BBL must have excess fat stores in one or more areas of the body to pull from, during your consultation Dr. Swift will make this determination, as well as consider a number of additional factors. Dr. Swift’s thoroughness and attention to detail has garnered him consideration as the top plastic surgeon New York patients trust. To begin the procedure, your surgeon will harvest fat from the donor area (the abdomen, thighs, back, flanks, etc.) using a liposuction (lipo) cannula. Once this fat is harvested, it is then prepped and purified, readying it for injection into the buttocks.

The fat transfer injections are done at strategic points of the buttocks in order to maximize the appearance, and the survival of the fat. One of the biggest issues with the Brazilian butt lift and most fat transfers is that some percentage of fat will always be “rejected” in some way, essentially being absorbed into the body, and removed by the immune system. In order to maximize fat retention, your surgeon may choose to add PRP or platelet rich plasma, a concentrated form of your body’s own blood plasma, to the fat cells. This acts almost like an “entry pass” for the transferred fat, allowing your body to “accept” more of it.

The main difference between the two procedures is that the Brazilian butt lift will often yield more natural results, considering it uses your body’s own fat – simply redistributing it from one area to another. The buttocks will feel softer and look far less enhanced. For more information on butt augmentation or to schedule a consultation contact Dr. Richard Swift today.



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