5 Pieces of Advice from a Rhinoplasty Specialist

Often referred to as a ‘nose job’, the rhinoplasty is one the most commonly requested cosmetic enhancement procedures of all time – and for good reason! As the top rhinoplasty specialist NYC has in practice, Dr. Richard Swift believes it has to do with the position which the nose occupies on our face, and its relation to all of our other features. Over time, as humans have evolved and changed, our perception of beauty and how we see things has drastically changed. Our eyes, and minds essentially view things that are symmetrical as ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and superior to things that are not. A very general example would be why common, everyday objects are made with specific dimensions, shapes and sizes – as this increases the chances that not only someone will buy it, but it is pleasing to the eye. The same goes for our appearance, and why women choose to correct their breasts when they are different sizes, or why men choose to have their sideburns be the same length. Dr. Swift believes that because the nose is essentially the center-point of our face, that any deviations to the right, or left, or bumps and bulbous appear extra displeasing to the eye. In addition, being that the nose is the centerpiece of the face, its appearance will have an effect on the other features of the face like the ears, eyes, and mouth – making them appear off-center themselves. Therefore, the opposite is true as well, when the appearance of the nose is improved, the other features of the face, as well as the whole face itself, looks far more aesthetically-pleasing. This is why the rhinoplasty has become one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures around these days and is only continuing to grow in popularity. Despite this level of popularity, little is truly known about what the rhinoplasty procedure entails. As the foremost rhinoplasty specialist NYC has to offer, Dr. Richard Swift offers these 5 interesting pieces of advice about the procedure.

· High Difficulty

A nose job is the most difficult of all cosmetic surgeries, especially considering how sensitive of an area the nose is. As the top rhinoplasty specialist NYC has in practice, Dr. Richard Swift must be meticulous in his approach, ensuring that each and every detail of the procedure is handled with the utmost care. In some instances, poor surgical technique can lead to permanent disfigurement and deformity – this means you should do as much research as possible when choosing the right surgeon.

· Your Nose Shape Has a Lot to Do with Your Results

Patients should be aware, that even the best nose job specialist NYC has to offer, cannot guarantee a 100% perfect outcome. Much of your results have to do with your having favorable tissue, and a strong body chemistry that allows for fast, effective healing. The elasticity of your skin, and the strength of the cartilage within the nose has a lot to do with the outcome as well.

· Do What’s Right for You

Too often, when they contact a nose job specialist NYC patients will expect them to perform a procedure based on someone else’s results, they have seen in the past. This is the wrong mentality to have when considering a rhinoplasty procedure, as what looks good on one person, may not be right for you. As we previously stated, much of this procedure has to do with your other facial features, and any differentiation in your features may lead to differences in your results as well.

· Sometimes Less is More

Many patients will make the mistake of demanding an excessive amount of enhancement to their nose, and may want far too much skin, or cartilage removed. This can often lead to deformity and can prevent your surgeon from fixing things in the event you are unhappy with your results. As the best nose job specialist NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift tries his best to stick to this idea, and never tries to overdo the procedure. Remember, the most attractive nose is one that blends in with your other facial features.

· Risks of Revision

Revision surgery is a form of a rhinoplasty where the surgeon essentially re-does the job of a previously failed surgery. In some ways this procedure may have failed, either by not meeting the needs of desires of the patient, or by causing some type of structural damage, or functional issue within the nose. As a result of this functional issue, patients may experience laborious breathing, In the event this occurs, then a revision surgery is definitely necessary, but because it is essentially re-opening wounds in an already-sensitive area of the face, the risk of deformity is much higher. Considering this, Dr. Richard Swift is extremely careful, and only recommends some patients go through revision surgery when they absolutely need to. During your consultation your candidacy for such a procedure will be more accurately determine.

When it comes to any type of invasive surgical measures, its important to listen to the experts and let them guide you the best they can. For more information on all plastic surgery procedures, or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Richard Swift today.



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