3 Facial Procedures to Take Years Off Your Face

In recent years, plastic surgery has become more popular than it has ever been. Patients are able to improve their appearance using procedures designed for both the body as well as the face. And when it comes to facial plastic surgery, these procedures are generally designed to combat visible signs of premature aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin – while improving the overall harmony of our facial features, to make sure that our features work well with one another and exist in perfect ratios. And with quite a few options available in terms of facial plastic surgery, it is highly determinant upon the specific needs of each and every patient and what issues they would like to fight against. According to Dr. Richard Swift, considered to be the top facelift specialist NYC has to offer three of the most common and highly effective facial enhancement procedures include the facelift – a procedure that allows patients to reduce the presence of loose, hanging skin; the rhinoplasty – otherwise known as a ‘nose job’, allowing patients to reshape and redefine the appearance of their nose; and the use of injectable dermal fillers – while not being a fully invasive surgical procedure, dermal filler injections are some of the most versatile methods of facial enhancement, allowing patients to combat a variety of issues including wrinkles, fine lines, facial depressions and much more. Learn more about these three common methods of facial enhancement by reading on below.

· Facelift

The facelift, otherwise known as the rhytidectomy, is by far one of the most common and highly effective facial surgery procedures. According to Dr. Swift, the top facelift specialist NYC has in practice, the facelift involves the removal of excess facial fat, the tightening of facial muscles, and the stretching of facial skin to create a smoother, firmer facial appearance and vastly improved facial contours. The procedure, while being designed to combat the entirety of the face, depending upon the specific needs of the patient, can help to reduce loose skin along the entire face and neck – eliminating what many individuals refer to as “turkey neck”. As the top facelift specialist NYC patients rely on, Dr. Swift will recommend the facelift for those individuals who are in need of a “lift” along both the face or neck. In fact, there is even a “mini” variation of the procedure that helps patients who might only require a slight bit of enhancement, in or around the mouth, and chin area. The procedure works by first separating the skin from the fat and muscle tissue. Once that is done, a slight amount of fatty tissue which is usually hugging the surface of the face, will be removed, while the skin is then pulled back into place. At this point, any excess or unwanted skin tissue can be removed and the area will be stitched back together and allowed to heal. For many patients the facelift procedure can help take up to 10 years off their facial appearance.

· Rhinoplasty

Otherwise referred to as a ‘nose job’, the rhinoplasty, like the facelift, is another very popular form of facial plastic surgery – designed to alter and improve the shape of the nose. According to Dr. Swift, the top rhinoplasty specialist NYC has in practice, the rhinoplasty can both improve the aesthetic of the nose, as well as the function of the nose – helping patients to look better and their nose to function better, improving their airflow. The upper portion of the structure of the nose is bone, and the lower portion is cartilage. Rhinoplasty can change bone, cartilage, skin or all three. As the top rhinoplasty specialist NYC has to offer, Dr. Swift generally recommend two different variations on the rhinoplasty, that may be done from within the nose, or through a small external incision made at the base of the nose – between the nostrils, again depending on what the patient needs. For many patients, the main concern of this procedure is altering the shape and structure of the nasal bone, as many individuals suffer from a bump along their nasal bridge which needs to be shaved down. This bone can also be readjusted along with the cartilage beneath, depending on the level of correction required. Another aspect of the rhinoplasty is opening the nostrils and straightening the nose itself – these tiny alterations can make a world of difference for patients drastically improving their breathing as well as the appearance of their nose overall.

· Injectable Dermal Fillers

Again, while dermal fillers may not be an invasive surgery method, like the facelift or rhinoplasty – dermal fillers have been proven to be one of the most versatile aesthetic enhancement procedures around. Patients can use them to handle a variety of issues from blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines, to hyperpigmentation, restoring lost facial volume, combatting under-eye bags or hallows and much more. According to Dr. Swift, the top rhinoplasty specialist NYC has to offer, in addition to these common treatments, dermal fillers can also be combined with other procedures such as the rhinoplasty to help patients achieve an improved overall level of enhancement, without the need for additional incisions or further invasive measures – during a rhinoplasty, fillers can help bolster an area of the nose that may have lost volume due to age, and help to fortify the inner skin tissue as well.

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