How Do Facelifts for Men Differ from Conventional Facelifts?

Throughout the past few decades, the facelift has been by far one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures around – especially amongst women, as they begin to age and enter their “golden” years. However, despite how popular such facial plastic surgery procedures have become of late, it seems that in addition to women, more men have decided to undergo facelifts than ever before – in essence, facelifts aren’t just for women anymore! The thing is with facial plastic surgery, according to Dr. Richard Swift, the top facelift specialist NYC has to offer, is that there are a variety of different procedures out there, and considering how sensitive the facial tissue is, its vital that surgeons not only do a good job, but are as meticulous as possible with each incision as possible. Plus, the important thing to understand about the facelift is that it is not only sensitive in terms of the tissue, but each change made along the face and any of the facial contours, can have a drastic overall effect on the overall appearance of the face in general. Also, as surgical technology and overall effectiveness of the facelift has increased quite a bit, men are far more willing to undergo the procedure, according to Dr. Swift, the top facelift specialist NYC has in practice, 43% more men are willing to have the procedure done. One of the most common reasons for this has been the fact that the average retirement age for men has increased quite a bit, and meant that men in general are looking to achieve a more youthful look, as they enter their latter years and are looking to stay competitive with their younger counterparts in the office setting.

One of the most interesting aspects of a facelift procedure has to do with the dramatic evolution of the procedure itself over the past few years; the modern facelift works far deeper into the skin, and provides the skin with a far more pronounced facial lift. This has to do with surgeons making deeper incisions that work deeper into the face’s underlying structure more so than ever before. According to Dr. Swift, the top facelift specialist NYC has to offer, this doesn’t just tighten the loose surface skin as a conventional facelift would do – plus by going deeper into the facial structure, we are able to achieve a far more natural, longer-lasting result.

An important aspect that separates conventional facelifts from their modern counterparts is the major difference in the male facial anatomy – as conventional facelifts will have more of a feminine facial structure in mind. According to the top plastic surgeon Midtown Manhattan has to offer, Dr. Richard Swift, the most important thing to do with a facelift is to cater it towards the specific patient and their specific facial contours – not even just based on male and female appearance, but based on the specific appearance of the patient themselves – as some patients might have larger, more wide faces and others may have leaner, more elongated faces. Dr. Swift, as the top plastic surgeon Midtown Manhattan has to offer, believes that a proper male facelift should offer a specific series of benefits, specific to delivering certain benefits to the male face, including:

· Creating/maintaining a masculine aesthetic.

· Restore any lost facial volume and eliminate unwanted facial hallows.

· Remove excess fatty tissue, sagging skin, and create an overall firmer, more youthful facial contour.

· Tighten the lower face and remove any “shallowness”.

· Make the face appear natural overall, and without the presence of having any “work” done.

· Tighten the skin and give the jawline a firmer, stronger appearance.

In order to perform the above, a male facelift may also require a few other procedures to be done in conjunction, as sometimes, just removing excess skin alone may not be enough. These procedures can include things from a neck lift, and a fat transfer, to simply just conventional liposuction. For more information on the facelift procedure and other plastic surgery techniques, be sure to contact the top plastic surgeon Midtown Manhattan has to offer, Dr. Richard Swift today.



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