4 Tips for Finding a Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

In today’s world, cosmetic enhancement surgery has fast become one of the hottest topics of conversation! Gone are the days when every nip or tuck was a dirty little secret between you, your surgeon and anyone lucky enough to hear the details. From your favorite reality TV starlet, live streaming 90% of her last butt lift, to men discussing their calf implants in the locker room, in today’s society plastic surgery has truly become everyday conversation and this added level of transparency has allowed for amazing strides to be made, industry-wide. And while procedures have improved, becoming safer and far more effective, there is definitely a good and bad side to plastic surgery becoming mainstream. Whether you’re in NYC, Miami LA, or pretty much any major city in the world, you’ve got dozens of options as far as plastic surgeons. But for every board-certified, accredited aesthetic physician out there, you will find just as many “quacks”, practicing out of random, unsanitary, basements, or their couch at home. Many of those individuals advertising “cheap butt shots” or “discount Botox lifts”, aren’t even doctors at all, nor were they ever! In many instances these unlicensed imposters, have cost people their looks, health, and even their lives. This is considered the dark side of the cosmetic enhancement industry, and while many physicians truly love doing their job and helping people achieve their dream bodies – these criminals are looking for a way to cash in on the latest craze to hit the scene, no matter what it might be. Considered the top plastic surgeon in New York, Dr. Richard Swift believes patients need to be more critical when looking for the right surgeon and not be so susceptible to outrageous deals that simply sound too good to be true. It is important not to mortgage your health and safety just to save a few dollars. When you are looking for a plastic surgeon in New York, there are a number of different factors to take into account and a number of important steps to take. Here are a few vital tips that will help you find a surgeon you can trust.

· Ask Around

When you are looking for a qualified plastic surgeon in New York, the first step to take is to ask others. The best place to start is with those that are closest to you – meaning friends, family, and others, who might have had work done or considered having work done in the past. A solid reference goes quite a long way. Asking a trusted friend or family member can give you an honest glimpse of not only a specific plastic surgeon, but the entire plastic surgery process as well – from consultation, to the procedure and aftercare. As the top plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, Dr. Swift has received countless patients simply through references provided by other patients.

· Read Up on Reviews

The best thing about being in the modern, internet age, is that that pretty much everything you could ever need is right at your fingertips. Any qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon in New York will likely have many reviews online – either on Google itself or on popular aesthetic enhancement sites like RealSelf. And no matter what type of procedure you are interested in getting, there is bound to be countless websites and online forums devoted to this procedure, where patients will share stories about their experiences, make recommendations, and provide vital advice that can truly help you to make the smartest decision you can. As the top plastic surgeon NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift recommends perusing social media and forums – where you can even find detailed testimonials and before and after images.

· Check on Qualification

This is extremely vital. Any plastic surgeon in New York you consider should be board-certified. The best way to approach this is to narrow your choices down to a list based on reviews and testimonials and make sure that each doctor “checks the right boxes”. Not only for plastic surgery in general, but for the specific procedure you are looking for. Looking up things like fellowship training, experience, and any specific accreditations will let you know if this doctor is proficient at performing exactly what you need.

· Ask Questions

As a plastic surgery patient, you have the right to ask any and everything you want, especially before deciding upon a physician to perform an invasive procedure. Don’t be afraid to go on consultation visits and get as much info as possible before making a decision. While some doctors offer free consultations, most will charge, but the few extra hundred dollars you may spend in consultations will help you get the piece of mind you need to know that you are making the right choice. As the top plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, Dr. Swift maintains a high level of transparency with prospective patients and makes sure to provide them with as much information as they need to make a smart, educated decision.

It is important to do as much research as you can before making a decision, as surgery can be dangerous and when performed by someone who isn’t qualified, it can be life-threatening. For more information on a number of different plastic surgery procedures, or to schedule your next consult, contact Dr. Richard Swift today.



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