3 Common Plastic Surgery Procedures to Fight Against Aging in Women

Whether you’re looking to get ready for the summer, or hoping to look your best for the holidays, there are a number of different of amazing procedures women turn to helping them to look and feel younger, and more vibrant than ever before! Aging is simply a fact of life, and no matter how healthy you might be, and however stringent your diet and exercise plan might be – father time is forever undefeated. As many women enter their mid to late-30’s, it can be very difficult to slow down the unwanted effects of aging. However, as the top facelift specialist NYC has to offer, Dr. Richard Swift and his team have been able to help countless women to cut years off their appearance, and eliminating a number of common signs of aging – whether that aging is premature or just on time. Considering that women have a tendency to age similarly to one another, using a few popular plastic surgery procedures, we can easily help individuals to cut years off their appearance.

Considering the differences between the male and female physique, its understood that women have a tendency to age in certain ways and much of their early onset age issues present themselves in certain specific areas of the body. As a woman, some of the most common areas for aging issues to present themselves are along the face, breasts, and the midsection. As the years go by, women tend to lose vital proteins known as collagen and elastin. These proteins make up our connective tissue and create a skin matrix overall that’s vital to performing a few specific jobs, keeping our skin tissue soft, supple, and smooth, while creating an elastic texture that allows our skin tissue to fight back against being stretched. Due to losing these compounds, it caused parts of skin (throughout the face and body) to sag quite a bit, revealing the harmful effects of years of gravity an unwanted environmental affects. As the top facelift specialist NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift offers us the three most popular methods of treatment to help women slow down the unwanted effects of aging.

· The Facelift

Over the course of the past 3+ decades, the facelift has been one of the most common and heavily requested plastic surgery procedures around – and as the years go by, more and more women (and even some men!) are choosing to undergo such procedures than ever before. As the top facelift specialist NYC has to offer, Dr. Swift recommend the facelift as part of a battery of anti-aging procedures for women who are experiencing loose, lagging facial skin. Through a facelift, the patient will not only cut out unwanted loose facial skin, but it will help women to reduce a small amount of unwanted facial fatty tissue. This helps women to restore their smooth, supple youthful contours and provide them with an overall svelte facial appearance.

· Rhinoplasty

Another one of the most common facial plastic surgery procedures, the rhinoplasty is by far one of the most important facial plastic surgery procedures around. According to Dr. Swift, the top rhinoplasty surgeon NYC has to offer, the procedure allows patients to improve the overall look, form and function of the nose – including the bridge, the nostrils and everything else in between. With years of being the top rhinoplasty surgeon NYC patients trust, Dr. Swift utilizes the rhinoplasty in a way to help patients improve the overall look of their face, and create the perfect balance and harmony amongst facial features. One thing to understand is that because of the placement of the nose (dead center of the face), any alterations made to its appearance not only effect the nose, but it effects the appearance of the other surrounding features as well! For instance, if we were to thin out the nose and the nasal bridge, this might alter the appearance of the eyes and ears as well. Sometimes, the size and width of the nose, can take away from the appearance of someone’s ears or mouth as well. According to Dr. Swift, the top rhinoplasty surgeon NYC has in practice, this is why it’s vital to take into account how exactly a rhinoplasty will change your overall appearance and the look of other facial features as well.

· Breast Augmentation

The majority of women over the age of 30 or 40, certainly know exactly what the effects are of aging on the breast tissue! According to Dr. Swift, known for the best breast augmentation NYC has to offer, as women are growing up through the years, their breast size will often change due to a variety of factors, including things like pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, and just aging in general. And as your breast tissue becomes larger and more developed, the more susceptible they become to gravity and aging – causing them to sag quite a bit. In order to help women to improve the look of their breasts, Dr. Swift will recommend methods of breast augmentation NYC patients require such as a breast lift or the addition of breast implants, and even breast reduction – for women who have larger breasts they simply don’t want to deal with anymore. Using a breast lift, women are able to remove the excess skin and fatty tissue that causes your breast to overly sag and appear elongated. Otherwise, many women, who might have smaller, yet saggy breast tissue, might prefer to improve the size and “perkiness” by using breast implants – this also allows you to decide the exact size of the breasts you want. Also, when it comes to methods of breast augmentation NYC women may also want to simply remove fatty breast tissue using a breast reduction or for those who have previously had implants, they may want to replace or simply remove them.

While there are certainly a number of different procedures that can help you to cut years off your appearance, these three are some of the most important for women. To learn more about anti-aging procedures and more, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.



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