What is Chin Surgery?

When it comes to both men and women, the ideal facial appearance is one of the most important areas of research around – with procedures like the facelift, neck lift and much more, reaching brand new heights of popularity. Now when dealing with the appearance of the face, it is generally the lower area of the face that is most commonly in need of improvement – as when we age, the chin, neck, jawline and jowls tend to grow looser and looser, and over time they begin to sag quite a bit – giving the appearance of “turkey neck” or other issues like a double chin and more. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the top chin augmentation surgeon NYC has to offer, luckily for the vast majority of patients, this area of the face has been one of the most heavily focused on – with a variety of different procedures specifically designed just for improving these problem areas. Some of these common procedures include:

· The Facelift
· Mini Facelift
· S-Lift
· Neck Lift
· Chin Surgery

And even more! With these procedures becoming fairly common amongst both men and women, especially as they age, past their 40’s and 50’s, they have all become quite well known aside from traditional chin surgery, also known as the mentoplasty procedure – a surgical procedure that helps patients to reshape the chin, either by enhancement with the use of an implant or by reducing excess soft – or hard – tissue, through surgery. Chin surgery can entail quite a bit, from traditional full-fledged plastic surgery to far less invasive, in office procedures. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the top chin augmentation surgeon NYC has in practice,these different procedurescan often be performed on the lower jaw line and chin area to improve proportions of the face and to help with one’s confidence and self-esteem. These types of interventions are frequently suggested by your surgeon to improve the harmony of all your facial features and to ensure that the chin/jaw/cheek/forehead, all look their absolute best with one another.

In many cases, when it comes to chin surgery, the bone from the jaw itself will have to be moved forward. Otherwise, specialized chin-shaped silicone implant, that can also be used to give the patient a more naturally appearing chin, that projects forward similar to that of a conventional chin. In addition, for many individuals who might have a chin that projects further out than they would like, giving an almost unnatural forward projection – we are also able to perform a procedure that does the exact opposite and helps us to remove or decrease the size and shape of an overly projecting chin. In addition, modifications to the upper and/or lower jaw can be advised for improved chewing dynamics and occlusion – or how the teeth fit together. These operations can range from simple to highly complex.

Interestingly enough, one of the most common and popular reasons for an individual to be suggested a chin augmentation is in an effort to create better facial harmony with one or more facial features. Often, when an individual might undergo a rhinoplasty, their surgeon might recommend they also undergo chin surgery as well, in an effort to achieve better overall facial harmony and more precise proportions. As the size of the chin might get larger or smaller, it can have a tremendous effect on the perceived shape or size of the nose as well. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the Top Chin Augmentation Surgeon NYC has to offer, this is because of the overall placement of the nose and the chin, being directly in the center of the face. Not only are they in the direct center, but they can also tend to act as “anchors” for your other features as they ensure they are well in-line with one another and there is little to no deviation.



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