Is the Liquid Rhinoplasty a Better Option for You?

The fact is that when it comes to your overall facial aesthetic, nothing really matters as much as the size, shape and overall positioning of your nose. While this might sound confusing to some of us, an important thing to understand is that the nose is the most central feature of your face, and any changes to it, big or small, can cause a massive effect on the patient’s overall appearance. According to rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Richard Swift, a rhinoplasty, or nasal reshaping surgery, is among the top five most popular cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States year after year. And considering that more and more individuals are willing to undergo some form of cosmetic enhancement, both surgical and non-surgical, It is not surprising then, that the demand for the liquid rhinoplasty has also increased quite a bit in recent years.

While a rhinoplasty is easily the most common and likely the only truly effective method of nasal reshaping and enhancement, it may not be the right procedure for everyone. According to rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Swift, there are a number of factors that might preclude a number of people from not only wanting, but being able to get a rhinoplasty at all. Some of these factors can include, the overall cost, the long recovery period, the fear and anxiety that comes along with surgery, especially when it comes to facial surgery. For the vast majority of such patients, it often comes down to simply not being fully ready to undergo surgical enhancement, and all that comes along with any invasive procedure. This is where a non-surgical option known as the liquid rhinoplasty may come to be quite handy – learn more about it below.

The liquid rhinoplasty, or the non-surgical rhinoplasty as many patients have come to call it is a nasal reshaping procedure in which the doctor will use a dermal filler injection into the nose, in order to alter its shape in some way. This is also the best option for patients who have been able to isolate their nasal reshaping issues, and know exactly what their needs might be, as opposed to a wholesale nasal alteration – such as minor asymmetries of the nose and nostrils, an isolated bump on the nasal bridge, and other deformities that might need correction as well. Otherwise, according to rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Swift, the liquid rhinoplasty is often recommended for those patients who may not require a high level of nasal correction, and are only suffering from minor irregularities to the nose. Another interesting set of individuals who may need a liquid rhinoplasty includes those who have previously had a surgical rhinoplasty performed, and simply were unhappy with their results. Often, in these instances, the level of correction required is relatively minor and rather than undergo a more invasive full-fledged surgery procedure, patients will opt for a simpler, less invasive treatment method and for those who might have experienced certain postoperative irregularities as well. These patients, however, require more expertise and care in their injections as the blood supply has already been altered following surgery and the risks of complications can be higher.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty or a liquid rhinoplasty, might be a great option for those individuals who are looking for less drastic, far more instant results – this allows them to recover faster, and also doesn’t require them to take as much time off of work, school and other responsibilities. In addition, the recovery period is far less painful, and therefor allows patients to achieve their end results faster. Plus, another benefit that is discussed far less often, but is a major point of reason for why individuals end up choosing a liquid rhinoplasty often, is the lesser cost and the overall affordability. Not only does the procedure cost less, but it requires patients to take less time off work, as mentioned, and therefore is an overall more cost-effective option. And finally, another common reason for patients to undergo the non-surgical rhinoplasty is for them to test it out and save the more severe, highly invasive measures as a last resort – as many patients will often undergo a liquid rhinoplasty, and truly enjoy their results and choose to undergo the more invasive, far more permanent, surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

While we clearly see that the liquid rhinoplasty is less invasive, there are still a number of different reasons for why individuals might choose the non-surgical option over the conventional option, however, it is important to understand that there are risks associated with both methods, and there is no 100% full-proof means of eliminating all risk. However, for those who may not need the highest level of correction and would like to save surgery as a last and final resort, the liquid rhinoplasty might be right for you. For more information or to schedule a consult, be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.



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