Are You Getting a Rhinoplasty? Here are a Few Important Factors to Consider Before Your Surgical Date

When it comes to facial plastic surgery, in 2022 it seems as though more individuals than ever before are willing to go under the knife to improve the look, feel, and even the function of their facial anatomy. And while procedures like the facelift are probably the most popular form of facial plastic surgery, coming in a very close second has got to be the rhinoplasty Munsey Park experts like Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon Nassau County has in practice are performing more of these procedures than ever before! And sometimes when it comes to the rhinoplasty Long Island patients as young as their late teens or early 20’s willing to go under the knife to trim down their nostrils or remove that ‘awful’ hump on the ridge of their nose. Now while this might seem odd to some people, the fact is that it was never a better time to consider facial plastic surgery such as this. With social media and internet forums on plastic surgery all the rage, and celebrities and influencers openly discussing procedures, the amount of information out there is incredible. And while it’s certainly contributed to a rise in aesthetic surgery, it has also meant that patients are more educated and have a lot more knowledge before going under the knife. Despite how popular it is, according to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for a rhinoplasty Old Westbury has in practice, there are certainly some gaps in knowledge and there is still some misinformation out there. Therefore to further educate patients in this article, we will be going over some of the most important factors about the rhinoplasty Nassau County patients should know before the big day.

There is No ‘Perfect Nose’

No matter how bad you want it, or how much you love the nose on your favorite Hollywood starlet, there truly isn’t a perfect nose, and you are and always will be fine just the way nature intended. The idea of the perfect nose is highly subjective and therefore you shouldn’t worry too much about it, at the end of the day it wont make you or break you. A successful rhinoplasty is designed to improve the look of your nose, not give you an entirely new one. When it comes to facial plastic surgery like a rhinoplasty Nassau County experts like Dr. Swift, the east plastic surgeon Nassau County has in practice, are firm believers that it is a patient’s choice, but its important to understand that you can’t do plastic surgery for the benefit of other’s or thinking that people will like you more. It’s not that serious. Surgery can change the shape and profile and address crookedness and drooping, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have total symmetry or an airbrushed celebrity nose right out of a magazine. Go in with reasonable expectations and find a doctor who will work to enhance your features, not give you different ones. So be happy and understand that you will always want more, but have realistic expectations from surgery and love yourself no matter what and you will be fine.

Be Prepared for Post-Op Aftercare

One of the biggest issues with patients of facial plastic surgery is the fact they underestimate the recovery period and how much aftercare goes into the process. When getting a rhinoplasty Old Westbury patients need to understand they are having full fledged surgery and therefore they will be in pain, discomfort, experience swelling, and have to be bandaged up like a mummy for a few days at least. To prevent bones from moving after surgery and control swelling, you will likely need to wear a splint over your nose for at least a week. Depending on your specific case, some additional gauze bandaging could be needed for at least a few days, to catch any drainage from the nostrils. Also, understand that recovery isn’t so much painful as it is uncomfortable. Its also important to listen to your surgeon as much as possible they will guide you through the process, also make sure to tell them of any issues you are having or side effects that seem to be bad.

Plan to Avoid Work, School and Other Aspects of Life for a Week or So

When it comes to the recovery of a rhinoplasty Munsey Park experts like Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Nassau County has in practice, will often advise patients to plan on taking a week to ten days or more in some cases, off from work or school. plus, its probably best to avoid social gatherings, avoid wearing glasses of any kind, and anything else your doctor says to avoid for that time period. You are healing, plus for most people in the first couple of weeks, bruising around the eyes can be significant, and the swelling will be fairly bad too – you may not want to be seen if you can avoid it at the time.

It Could Help with Breathing Issues

Some individuals, believe it or not, have a rhinoplasty for non-cosmetic reasons, or at least thats what they tell their friends. Just kidding, the truth is that with a rhinoplasty Old Westbury patients can drastically improve their breathing and overall function of their nose, and nostrils as a whole. It is actually fairly common according to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Long Island has in practice, for patients with congestion issues, breathing problems and overall nose issues to have a rhinoplasty done to help.

Your Voice Might Change – Temporarily!

While it might be rare, there have been a lot of cases, according to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Long Island has in practice, for patients to experience temporary changes to their voice after having a rhinoplasty done. This is most common in those individuals who have nasally voices to begin with, as it will often correct certain issues you might have previous had or some type of a blockage that will otherwise change the quality of your voice. In even rarer cases, the individuals voice may change permanently but this is usually when their voice was the way it was due to some major issues or again, blockages.

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