Joanna, May 2018
Dr. Swift did my blepharoplasty and I am thrilled with the result. I continue to see him for my fillers because I trust his work. I also continue to get compliments on my eyes and have referred friends who are also now very happy with his work.

Linda S., May 2018
Dr. Swift is an amazing injector! Had my first Sculptra treatment today and will definitely be back for additional treatments! There is a reason he is known as the best!! Gave me the natural results I was looking for- rested and refreshed! Looking forward to seeing the progression of my results over the next 6 weeks! Could not be happier!

Melissa, May 2018
Dr. Swift never overdoes very conservative approach. You leave looking natural?

Melissa Magid a week ago
Highly recommend Dr. Swift! I was referred to him by a close friend of mine who has been seeing him for years. After my first appointment I instantly knew why! I was impressed with the level of comfort and gentle ease of working with him. He spends time to listen to your concerns and will provide his honest professional opinions. Results are consistently beautiful!! Stephanie who runs the office is always a pleasure and adds to the wonderful experience!!

Linette Westfield a months ago
I went here for a BBL consult. Dr. Swift and staff were excellent and kind. When I return to NYC, I am definitely scheduling my surgery. Thanks, Dr Swift. I went here for a BBL consult. Dr. Swift and staff were excellent and kind. When I return to NYC, I am definitely scheduling my surgery. Thanks, Dr. Swift.

Elizabeth 2 months ago
I went to Dr. Swift for the first time today (for Voluma) and he is AMAZING! He is incredibly patient – I was very grateful not to feel rushed, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Very impressed by his talent, skill and bedside manner.
The woman who runs the office is absolutely lovely as well. Accommodating, knowledgeable and so kind.

Daisy Goldstein 4 months ago
After surgery, I felt like I look 10 years younger. And the results were so natural that none of my family and friends realized why I looked so energetic! Also, I appreciated the kindness and professionalism of Dr. Swift and his staff. I feel happier about my appearance and feel like I got many years back!

Adrienne Woods 7 months ago
I had liposuction on my stomach, hips, thighs, arms and back with Dr. Swift, and I could not be more pleased with the results!!! His attention to detail is exceptional – I was incredibly impressed with the results. I also very much appreciated the follow up care, scheduled regularly after the procedure to ensure that everything was healing properly. Dr. Swift clearly takes pride in his work, and is such a professional. His office staff also is amazing – so helpful and a great source of advice. I would recommend Dr. Swift without reservation for this procedure.

Alison 8 months ago
I am so glad I chose Dr. Swift for my upper eyelid surgery. My naturally heavy lids worsened once I entered my 40s, and I looked perpetually tired. My dermatologist gave me Dr. Swift’s name when I asked for a recommendation, but I still did my own research because I wasn’t going to rush this decision. I read reviews, asked lots of questions during my consultation, looked at his before/after photos, and met his amazing assistant Stefanie. I was sold! Truly I’m just thrilled with the entire experience, and especially my results. My eyes look remarkably lifted and refreshed, yet still natural. Recovery was also much faster than I’d expected – I hid behind sunglasses for the first week, and a week or so later I was back to wearing makeup and no one suspected a thing. I highly recommend Dr. Swift and his caring and competent staff!

Cynthia Luzon 8 months ago
I was recommended to Dr Swift by my dermatologist and I am very pleased so far with my encounters. I have to have surgery in December (non-cosmetic) and I feel secure that I am in good hands. Dr Swift has a very good bedside manner and is quite knowledgeable in his field and Stephanie runs his office beautifully. She is pleasant, professional, and efficient. I spent 40 years working as an Executive Assistant to senior level executives so I know what it is to run someone’s life.

Ronica Colyandro 8 months ago
I wish I could give Dr. Swift many more stars! My experience with him could not be any better or more professional. He is a very kind and gentle man that truly cares about your happiness. He had removed my old breast implants and gave me new ones to give me the look that I had always wished for. With very little downtime and not a single painkiller needed I was happier than ever. Without hesitation, he will always be my recommendation to everyone.
Thank you, Dr. Swift and your wonderful staff for making this a truly easy and positive experience!

Sharon Patterson 9 months ago
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Swift! He has been making me look successfully younger for over 5 years. He takes the time to answer my questions and has a very gentle touch. Always friendly and knowledgeable, I feel I am in very good hands. The results are consistently fantastic. Stephanie, who runs the office, is also amazing! I highly recommend his practice and care given.

Tara 10 months ago
Dr. Swift’s office is run by the very competent and incredibly thoughtful, Stephanie. She handled all of my pre and post op needs before I even knew I had them! Dr. Swift did an amazing job on my nose surgery. He was so easy to talk with and listened to all my concerns. I am so happy that I chose this office for my surgery.

Allen Steinhardt 10 months ago
Liposuction was chosen due to weight gain after a severe car accident and six operations. But like so many others —- WHO!!! There are several chains and many companies that rely on freelance doctors who get paid by the patients. The faster they get through with you and the next and the next, the more money they make, so do you think they have your best interest at heart. HMMMMM. These entities RARELY use a Doctor of Anesthesiology; therefore you are ONLY sedated, which keeps THEIR expenses down at your expense; possibly causing YOU pain and discomfort during YOUR procedure, which is why these entities only touch the surface and do minimal work.
Like so many others, I was very leery. I researched several doctors. Dr. Swift and his staff were AWESOME. Dr. Swift took his time, answered all my questions and put me at ease. He is board certified, but more importantly he cares about his patients.
I hired Dr. Swift immediately and you should too. Dr. Swift utilizes Anesthesiologist’s to fully put you out. Giving him the ability to flip, flop, toss and turn you every which way so he can achieve the best results for YOU. What is more impressive; Dr. Swift has his OWN professional surgical ward in his office, which keeps his cost down and passes these savings onto you, which is why his fees are very compatible to those chains.
Do yourself a favor. Dr. Swift offers free consultation visits. Go there. You will not be disappointed. I HIGHLY RECOMMED DR. SWIFT..

Paula N. 11 months ago
I think what stands out to me most of all besides the incredible quality of work and obvious resume and credentials is Dr. Swifts earnestly and genuine care. He doesn’t rush you or seem dismissive. He listens, gives you eye contact and will have a conversation with you like a human being. I also can’t say enough about how wonderful Stephanie is at the front desk. Holding my hand through my procedure made a huge difference and shows a lot about how much this practice cares for their clients. Thank you to both of you, I think your amazing 🙂

Emily Smith 11 months ago
Dr. Swift is THE BEST! He always takes time to sit with you at every appointment and talk through what you want to do and provides his recommendation without ever trying to upsell you. I’ve consistently had Botox and filler done with Dr. Swift, and have loved the natural (yet immediate 5 years younger) look so much – my friends have noticed too, and started going to see him as well!

sexy through science 1 years ago
I highly recommend Dr. Swift for any procedure of the face and body. I am an exercise physiologist and have an extensive background in anatomy and after meeting Dr. Swift I can claim he is by far the most intuitive surgeon. He is kind, caring and knowledgable about each individual’s beauty and how to provide balance and symmetry. He has a keen eye for the aesthetic and truly listens to you, to learn what you want. The practice is private and personal and the office manager Stephanie is amazing, she answers all your questions, offers unlimited assistance and is beautiful inside and out! All in all so rare to find a practice where the patient can feel comfortable and confident.

Christina Charles 1 years ago
I went to Dr. Swift for an upper blepharoplasty as my eyelids were so low that they touched my lash line, making it pointless to wear eyeliner and giving me an overall grumpy look. I was very nervous to have a procedure done on my face, and was worried that I might end up with a wide-eyed hollowed out look. Dr. Swift was very kind, patient and reassuring. Both he and his receptionist, Stephanie, are warm and welcoming, and seem to genuinely care about you. I am now two months post op, and could not be happier with the results, they look very natural. I’ve even had people compliment me by saying that I look happier and more awake. I’ve told a couple closer friends that I had the procedure done, and they were surprised that they didn’t notice. I had to show them the before and after pictures, which are incredible. This is exactly what I wanted and what I asked Dr. Swift for. He did an impeccable job.

Christine Patruno 1 years ago
If I could give Dr. Swift’s office 20 stars, I would. I have been a patient of Dr. Swift’s for the past two years – both him and Stephanie (his fabulous assistant) are knowledgeable, patient, and kind – I have never left that office disappointed.

Jannette Martinez 1 years ago
Great job Dr.Swift did with my lip and eyes would definitely come back for more service.

Manpreet Singh 2 years ago
The office is great, front staff is so helpful & accommodating. @ nearly 40 started seeing wrinkles that wouldn’t go away. Dr. Swift’s subtle Botox has been great at maintaining my own facial animation & softening lines – have never had any bruising & results last for a long time.

ROMAN VERNIK 2 years ago
I came to Dr. Swift for a Botox procedure on my face. Dr. Swift had amazing talent as he administered the treatment to my forehead and around my eyes, where I hardly even felt the prickles of the needle. One week later, the results were amazing! I was very impressed with his work, experience, and his talent. Thank you, Dr. Swift!!!

Juni 2 years ago
It was a big decision for me to get liposuction on my stomach because at age 34 you learn to love the cards you were dealt. However, I still dreamed about a day of a flat belly with no muffin tops. I looked up Dr. Swift six months before I was brave enough to make the phone call. The rest is history! It was total trust at first handshake and I was confident that Dr. Swift was going to sculpt my body into the one I felt I deserved. After all, I live a very healthy lifestyle of eating a low sugar vegetarian diet and I exercise daily with a moderate bike ride to work and bi-weekly 5K jogs. Despite this, the stubborn belly rolls never budged! Dr. Swift and I made the lipo plan, Stephanie and I talked $hop, and on the day of the surgery I felt more at ease than I imagined I would be since it was my first ever experience with anesthesia. Everything went really well! The recovery was quick, the bruising was minimal, and the results were all I hoped for. Now it’s been almost 4 months and I am still in a little shock that I have this new body shape especially when I put on slim fitting clothes. The rolls are gone but otherwise my friends haven’t noticed much of a difference. This is good because I wanted the transition to look natural and not sudden. Dr. Swift got that and I am super happy with the outcome. If anyone out there is considering liposuction, don’t stress yourself out with “shopping around”, just go with Dr. Swift! You will definitely be in great hands!

alicia bowling 2 years ago
At the age of 57 it was definitely time for a tune up. I have gone to Doctor Swift before for proceeders and have never been disappointed. What I wanted him to do this time was a little bigger ,and I was hesitant to get my neck and face lifted because of women I’ve seen in the past who looked like they had masks on. Knowing I was in the hands of the best Plastic surgeon in New York, I went for it.

I look amazing, it’s only been a month and there are known visible scares. Shocking, you wouldn’t even know I had anything done unless I told you. Now I don’t look a day over forty, much to my happiness. I highly recommend anyone looking for any cosmetic surgery to look no further than Doctor Swift, you will not be disappointed.

Eric Hall 4 years ago
fully recommend! was excited about my results and I thank you once again!

Jeff Stewart 5 years ago
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Swift for a number of years and I’ve been more than pleased with the results. He is thorough, patient, and professional and his work is meticulous. I have recommended him to a number of friends and relatives and everyone has been extremely satisfied with his work. I feel very comfortable and confident that I’m in good hands with him. I would highly recommend him, whether you are looking for fillers or a facelift, you won’t be disappointed. He has changed my life!

Tina Huth 5 years ago
Dr. Swift is the epitome of a skilled board certified plastic surgeon! He has been schooled at the best Ivy League university which clearly shows in his work. I have had Botox, Radiesse and Sculptra over many years, only having been administered by Dr. Swift’s skilled hands. I have never had bruising, go to work proudly the next day and receive rave comments from my colleagues who say, You look fabulous, so rested and so young! In addition to his outstanding skill Dr. Swift is soft spoken, explains all procedures thoroughly and answers every one of your questions. His well-appointed office is immaculate, soothing and staff accommodating and very professional. I have recommended Dr. Swift to almost all of my friends. They all have as I raved about his skill and their results! I will continue to proudly be a patient and continue to take all the wonderful compliments of how young I look. He is the best in New York!!!

Pamela Madsen 5 years ago
I found Dr. Richard Wellington Swift through a Groupon of all things! Here I am, a savvy well known author, and sexuality coach for women who writes all the time about female self image, and I find my plastic surgeon on a Groupon! I also have worked for a plastic surgeon in the past, so again, I felt like a very knowledgeable consumer. First impressions are lasting. I liked Dr. Swift’s office very much. It was elegant and not overstated, just like Dr. Swift. His front staff was helpful and kind.
I had come in for Botox injections, something very simple, but I knew that I wanted a board certified plastic surgeon to do what some women think is a “simple procedure”. Nothing is simple and I wanted skilled hands. There is an art to everything. And Dr. Swift not only took his time with me, but he is an artist. I have been back to him several time since my initial visit and I am planning on doing more with him. I trust him. He is excellent and caring. He never does more than he needs to. And he is simply a very good man. And most importantly of all, I not only look fabulous – I feel great!

Annie MacDougall 5 years ago
Dr Richard Swift is an excellent plastic surgeon. He’s very caring and takes time to explain and answer all you questions. The results from his surgeries are amazing. Even the botox injections gave me a natural & youthful look. I highly recommend Dr Swift!! YOU’RE THE BEST DR SWIFT!

Lucy Bryan 5 years ago
Dr. Swift, fills up your lips in such a way (he knows EXACTLY how to NOT make it look fake) I absolutely love his skills and I trust him completely. I am a bit of a nervous worrier, so trust is something people have to earn. With me, I don’t trust easily. So you can rest assure that when I say that you are in good hands. I mean it from the bottom of my implants/ heart:) Thanks Dr. Swift, for making me look the best me that I can be!

Sylvester Brown 5 years ago
I was very indecisive about what size to get and kept calling Dr. Swift with questions and he was always available to me and explained things in such a clear and logical way that it helps me throughout the entire experience.

Mark Jonas 5 years ago
Dr Swift was recommended to me by a friend who works in the Cosmeceuticals field. I asked her to find out who was the best in New York. She said he was the best injector of facial fillers in New York and explained that all the products are only as good as the person you use to inject them. Once I got his name I checked him out with a physician friend of mine whom Dr. Swift had trained under and received wonderful feedback as well.

I went to Dr Swift for Sculptura. He really is a master and in fact trains many others in the technique. Dr. Swift is one of the most caring physicians I have ever dealt with. Sort of wish he was a general practitioner so I could utilize him more often. My results were remarkable. He subscribes to the less is more school of plastic surgery and wants you to look the best you can, not like someone else.

I also want to mention that although I initially went to him for Sculptura I subsequently had him inject botox. Again, he is incredible. To many people get botox and the top third of their face is frozen and unnatural. I had been getting botox for years and this is the first time I saw what it could really do. Again, a natural looking result. I have recommended several friends and family members as well as co-workers to him and every raves about him. He most recently did a facelift on a friend of mine. I have never seen results as good as this. Not only the appearance, but, the care he took in stitching.

I have seen so many facelifts that look good but when it comes to the stitching behind the ear, the doctors get a little sloppy. You would have to pull my friends ear forward to even see an incision. Really flawless work. I know many people who have had this procedure done at some big name New York doctors who are just riding on their outdated reputations. They missed out on Dr. Swifts miraculous hands and manner. The man is an artist and a genius.

His staff is also very caring and kinds as well. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest he’s an eleven!

marquis williams 5 years ago
I have been a patient of Dr. Swift’s for a while now and every experience is better than the last. I had Botox with the doctor and I look and feel GREAT

J J ., Google Review, July 2016
I had several consultations with other surgeons before I selected Dr. Swift and I am very happy I decided to go with him. He is absolutely amazing. I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of my breast lift with augmentation. My new breasts look very natural and there is very minimal scarring. I do not have a single complaint about the care I received. I never felt rushed during my visits with him. He was always available to answer all of my questions before and after the surgery. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the care I received. He’s not only talented, but he’s also really nice and easy to talk to. Stephanie, the office assistant was also extremely helpful in answering some of my questions. It’s always a joy to talk to Dr. Swift and Stephanie during my follow up visits. I highly recommend Dr. Swift for anyone considering plastic surgery.

D D ., Google Review, June 2016
He is so amazing with my injectables. I love how it erases years off of my face. Dr. Swift is amazing. I have been a client since 2007. He listens to my ideas and gives me honest feedback on what he can do to make me look young. I love his office staff person who is very friendly and always makes me feel comfortable.

A D ., Google Review, June 2016
Dr Swift is amazing! He is the ultimate professional and so good at what he does – every time I leave his offices, I get so many compliments but never a ‘what did you have done’ question because everything is so subtle and natural. Can’t say enough great things about their office!

A A ., Google Review, June 2016
Dr. Swift is wonderful. Has the best bedside manner a doc can have. He is not pushy and has a keen aesthetic eye. I adore him! Thanks doc for making me beautifuller!

C D ., Google Review, May 2016
I have been to several doctors but when it comes to injectables Dr. Swift is the best. He is a true artist and I would never go to anyone else. His attention to detail and touch is perfection!

C. D. Google review, June 2016
I have been to several doctors but when it comes to injectables, Dr. Swift is the best. He is a true artist and I would never go to anyone else. His attention to detail and touch is perfection!

Dr. Swift is wonderful. Has the best bedside manner a doc can have. He is not pushy and has a keen aesthetic eye. I adore him! Thanks doc for making me beautifuller!

Dr. Swift is just amazing!! His office is beautiful, welcoming and has a very relaxing feel. His office manager Stefanie is enthusiastic, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and kind. Dr. Swift educated me on my different options to produce the desired outcome I was looking for. He took his time to explain to me what he would be doing for my fine lines and wrinkles and what I can expect. He had a wonderful demeanor, he was thorough and I felt comfortable. Most importantly, I look fabulous!! I highly recommend Dr. Swift for your botox, your fillers and any/all of your anti-aging needs!!

Kristin E., Yelp Review, May 2015
I recently called to make an appointment with Dr. Swift to discuss Botox. I spoke with his lovely office manager Stefanie, who happens to be the most warm welcoming person I ever met. I should start by saying this was the first time getting Botox so I must add how nervous I was. Upon arriving at my appointment Stefanie greeted me and we had the nicest conversation which helped me feel super comfortable. After a few short minutes Dr. Swift greeted me with such a nice hello. We discussed what brought me in and what I was looking for. Dr. Swift gave some recommendations and the rest is history. He is amazing at what he does and I am so happy with the results. He is a genius and makes you feel so great about wanting to enhance your beauty. So thank you Stefanie and Dr.Swift I had a wonderful experience! Looking forward to seeing you both in 3 months!

Amal S., Yelp Review, May 2015
I went to Dr Swift to try Juviderm as I am looking for a new dr in the city. He was patient, took time to answer questions, go over options and to educate me on my options. This is important to me as I am in medical sales and I like to learn. He did the best job of anyone who has given me fillers. I will absolutely be back as he was the best I have had.

Great staff- clean office- nice bedside manner.

Joanne C., Yelp Review, May 2015
2 months ago, I had a breast lift done. For years, I kept dreaming of getting the procedure but kept putting it off. My daughter had a breast augmentation with Dr. Swift 1 year ago. I was surprised and shock as to how natural they look, with no scars after the healing process! Wow, I remembered thinking that this was amazing. I had to write this review and share the wonderful, amazing and great experience I had with Dr. Swift and his team. By far, this really was the best decision I made. Dr. Swift is a person that listens, sympathizes and very caring of how you feel and what you want done. I can’t thank him enough, I feel and look great! Stephanie, is wonderful and an important part of the process, she was the first person I met, a pleasure to deal with, I felt like I’m part of the family. The follow up visits have been from every 2 weeks, to 6 weeks each time Dr. Swift notice the great improvements and the great job he’s done. Thank you, Dr. Swift, I’m a lifetime supporter and 100% satisfied with your hard work and diligent desire for perfection! You’ll not regret your experience.

Perez J., Google Review, April 2015
I am a woman of some years – it was time to do my lower lids – they call it a lower blepharoplasty. The experience from the first consult has been top draw- Stephanie was a gem and he answered all of my questions- my recover time was amazing – I had interviewed 6 plastic surgeons and chose him because his energy was gentle – I brought along a friend to my second consult because I had more questions and she booked him for her upper lids- All around a great experience and i look amazing – I highly suggest Dr. Swift for any procedure that you might need- He is the top.

Lisa S., Google Review, October 2014
As a thirty eight year old woman, I have been treated by a handful of plastic surgeons and have had consultations with numerous doctors over the years. I can enthusiastically recommend Dr. Richard Swift as the very best I have encountered. I discovered him using Google (Yelp), and it didn’t take me long to understand what all the praise was for.

For me, there are three crucial factors when evaluating a doctor: talent, personality and professionalism. Dr. Richard Swift is outstanding in all of these domains.

From the moment I stepped into his office and was greeted by his welcoming and cheerful assistant, I knew I found my fit. The office space is quiet, peaceful and beautifully decorated.

Dr. Swift and his staff are incredibly nice and take the time to listen to your concerns. He will never push a specific method or procedure if it’s not best for you. Lastly, but arguably most importantly of all, his work is technically excellent.

I was both nervous and embarrassed to undergo my cosmetic procedure as it was a defect I’ve disliked since I was a teenager. With the help and encouragement of Dr. Swift, I finally underwent surgery in October 2014. The surgery room is conveniently located in his office. The assisting nurse was kind and caring. The results of my procedure are flawless. I don’t have any scars and the healing process was rapid.

I also began Botox treatments shortly after my October procedure. I feared that I would look different, but I look as natural, youthful and beautiful as ever. I strongly recommend Dr. Swift. Thank you!

Heather M., Google Review, 2014
I just had my last follow up appointment with Dr. Swift for my Breast Augmentation and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I greatly appreciate Dr. Swift’s professionalism and dedication to helping me achieve the best results. I met with him for about 4 months prior to having the surgery to address ALL my questions and concerns to ensure that when it came time for my operation I felt comfortable. His staff from the receptionist, to the operating room nurse, and anesthesiologist were very caring and helpful. One thing that stood out to me was the day after my procedure, I received a phone call from the anesthesiologist to check on how I was feeling. I highly recommend Dr. Swift to all my friends because of his superior service and compassionate team!

Beth L., Google Review, 2014
I went to Dr. Swift for Sculptra treatments. He serves as a trainer for the company to train other physicians so I knew he had great experience. I had several vials of sculptra injected to my whole face. The procedure was relatively painless and there was very little downtime. The result was amazing. I know that placement of this product is very operator dependent and I am glad that I found Dr. Swift who I could trust, that came through, and gave me the excellent result I was seeking. I will be going back for further treatments in the future.

Bianca A., Google Review, 2014
I have been to Dr. Swift twice, following a recommendation from three friends who received surgery from him. Once for liposuction on my abdomen and again for an upper and lower blepharoplasty (aka making my eyelid larger and taking away my under-eye “puffies”). The results look amazing and natural; I could not be any happier with the results! Recovery time and pain was minimal, significantly better than I thought it would be. I was extremely nervous before my first procedure, and Dr. Swift and his team were patient and understanding. If you are interested in having plastic surgery, I strongly recommend Dr. Swift.

Josue F., Google Review, 2014
I went to Dr. Swift to have my deviated septum and my nose reshaped. Being 29 years old not being able to breath very well and very self-conscious of my nose I needed someone who I could trust. A good friend of mine had recommended Dr. Swift, being very skeptical and nervous I made an appointment to see him. After my speaking to him for 20 minutes and him explaining the process he made feel so comfortable and and at ease. Never having had any surgery I was afraid of the end result. Now I can breathe for the first time in my life, my nose is perfect all thanks to Dr. Swift! Even after the surgery his dedication, patience, and his way making you feel at ease has really helped me. I am very happy with the results and very thankful to Dr. Swift for the amazing job, his work is amazing he really cares the results and your satisfaction. I will be going back to him again for other procedures. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting something done.

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