5 Safety Tips for Plastic Surgery NYC Patients Need to Know
In recent years plastic surgery has become more and more popular. And as it hits the mainstream, men and women across the world have a new level of comfort – no longer are they afraid to mention the latest nips and tucks, but many, are actually wearing it as a badge of honor! From classic procedures like the facelift and breast augmentation, to more recent trends like the Brazilian butt lift, plastic surgery has also advanced quite a bit in terms of technique. When it comes to plastic surgery NYC specialist, Dr. Richard Swift is considered one of the top aesthetic minds in the city. And with an extensive list of happy clients, with unmatched results, Dr. Swift is meticulous in his practice, placing patient satisfaction and safety above all else. Despite his experience, and dedication to safety, not all plastic surgeons operate the same way, and a small fraction of patients have horror stories to corroborate.

For plastic surgery NYC has become of the premiere regions, however, is is yet to be a destination where individuals will fly and book trips around. Many patients are opting for the cheaper, inferior option of traveling abroad, to pay a fraction of the cost for a procedure performed by an unlicensed, inexperienced individual who may not even be a doctor. A practice that is severely frown upon. It is vital for patients to be very careful when choosing a surgeon, as this person will be holding your life in his or her hands. To better help up understand how to choose the right plastic surgeon, who is both experienced, and dedicated to patient safety, here are some important factors to consider.

• Board Certified
While it might seem obvious, many patients do not even think about this. Make sure your plastic surgeon is board certified in aesthetic enhancement procedures and has actually trained as a plastic surgeon. This ensures he is qualified as per the ABPS, American Board of Plastic Surgery.

• Get References
When considering plastic surgery NYC has some of the top names in aesthetics practicing. Regardless of the biggest and best names, it is important to seek out references from others in the world of medicine. Good doctors know god doctors, ask your persona GP for a referral. Read reviews online – the internet has tons of info, on docs and proceures. Also, ask others who have had procedures done before you.

• Study Their Website & Profiles
There are tons of websites out there, VItals, Healthgrades, Doximity, and more. Read through the reviews, profiles and more. Also, be sure to checkout the surgeons actual website carefully.

• Check Out Pictures & Before & Afters
Its important to know exactly what kinda facility the doctor has, is it clean, is it professional, and has the necessary equipment and tech. Also, check out your doctors work, by looking at before and after images. These can be the best way to see exactly how your procedure may go.

• Experience
Find out about surgeon’s specific experience. How long he has prcticed, how many times he has performed this procedure? If so on what type of patient? Check out the results, and ask them questions about this procedure.

• Recovery
It is vital to ask as many questions as you can in order to test not just his knowledge and experience, but his demeanor and resolve as well. If he is professional, and actually seems truststworthy. Ask about the recovery period exactly what to do, what it entails, and what he and his staff do to assist you through the process.

It is vital to be smart when choosing a plastic surgeon, for more information on any plastic surgery questions or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Swift, contact us today,



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