Should Men Consider a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

For men aesthetic enhancement has long since been a point of contention, as not many are willing to go too far for cosmetics. For years cosmetic medicine was seen as being almost exclusive to women and the female aesthetic, however, over time, and as aesthetic enhancement has become more mainstream and the conversation has expanded, more men than ever before are considering having some form of procedure done. According to Dr. Swift, the top doctor for male plastic surgery Long Island has in practice, for many men surgery simply isn’t worth it in their minds, and only something they would consider as a final resort or for something they actually needed to have correctively. While many say this is a product of the unfair ideals placed on men and women, it has simply become the fact of how men see aesthetic enhancement differently from women. This is why what often brings men in to cosmetic medicine and aesthetics, is non-invasive methods, and non-surgical variations of commonly surgical procedures. One of the best examples of this is known as the liquid rhinoplasty or the non-surgical nose job NYC experts like Dr. Swift have been performing this procedure for some time now, however, it has only recently begun to gain its mainstream appeal. One of the most integral parts of the facial anatomy is the nose, especially when it comes to aesthetics. In this article, we will be going over some of the things men should know about the procedure and what it entails.

What is the Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Often referred as the non-surgical nose job, according to Dr. Swift, the best facial plastic surgeon NYC has in practice, this procedure offers patents who may not be ready for surgery, the ability to enhance and improve the overall appearance of their nose without the need for the issues and risks that often come with surgery. For patients who are unhappy with the size and shape of their nose, and may want to improve their overall facial profile, the liquid rhinoplasty offers a perfect alternative thats also cost-effective. For patients who have poor symmetry and balance issues in their nose, as well as a lack of self esteem due to such issues, a non-surgical nose job may just be the answer. Known for the best male plastic surgery Long Island has to offer, Dr. Swift has performed it on countless men and allowed them to maintain the masculine appearance and profile of their nose and overall face.

How is it Done?

For many patients, this innovative rhinoplasty alternative has been able to create a world of difference in their appearance and given them the confidence and self esteem they have sorely lacked for years. Unlike the traditional rhinoplasty, in which patients will need to have incisions made into the skin, and a lot of tissue may be cut, and patients might be left with some semblance of scarring, the liquid rhinoplasty has none of that. With a non-surgical nose job NYC patients are able to enhance and alter the appearance of their nose, just with the use of injectable dermal fillers that are designed to smooth our the unevenness and create an overall better shape and nose profile. Unlike the traditional rhinoplasty, the patient can be awake the entire time, and the procedure can be done in less than 45 minutes, in many cases even as quick as 20 minutes.

Benefits and Limitation

Its important to understand however, that the liquid rhinoplasty isn’t for everybody and not every patient who is a rhinoplasty patient is a good candidate for a non-surgical alternative. Because the procedure uses dermal fillers, its important to understand that the best candidates are those that have issues with evenness or need to improve the size and shape of their nose, and not those who are looking to have tissue removed from their nose. For these patients with such needs, a traditional rhinoplasty may be a better option. Despite this fact, the vast majority of rhinoplasty patients can see some major benefits such as improved symmetry, evenness, reduction in the appearance of the nasal hump and much more. For more information about buccal fat removal surgery, be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.



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