4Things to Consider, Before Your Consider a Facelift

For men and women, as they enter that oh so dreaded time of life known as “middle-age”, a lot of things become apparent. First of all, you simply don’t recover as quickly as you once did – in your 20’s a weeknight out meant leaving the bar at early, maybe 1 am, a few hours of sleep, some strategic espresso shots, and you are good to go for that morning meeting – not so much anymore. And just the same as you don’t recover as fast anymore, neither does your skin! In your younger years skincare meant a facewash and maybe some moisturizer here and there – but when you start to hit your late 30’s and early 40’s you need a lot more than that! As a result of years of environmental damage, wind, rain, pollution, poor NYC air quality, and just the results of aging alone, our skin really starts to show the years of wear and tear. From wrinkles and fine lines, to hyperpigmentation issues, blemishes and much more – as we age, our skin loses its most valuable defense mechanism, the vital skincare protein known as collagen.

Collagen is a protein, that makes up the majority of our connective tissue and allows our skin to remodel itself and regenerate from trauma, cuts, scrapes and of course, the effects of aging. And while collagen creams and minimally invasive procedures can help for sure, sometimes you need a bit more of a remodeling job. This is where Dr. Swift, considered the top plastic surgeon Midtown has to offer, recommends the facelift! Sure, you’ve heard of a facelift, its one of the most popular surgical enhancement procedures – but for the most part, they seem like they’re reserved to the old ladies on the Upper West Side. But as the years have gone on, and plastic surgery has entered the mainstream more and more, individuals, both women and men, as young as their mid-20’s are having facelifts done in record numbers. For one, the technology and methods are way better, and in a fast paced world with deadlines and 10 hours of computer time on average a day, the facelift has become way more common place! But before you even consider having that facelift done, Dr. Richard Swift, the top plastic surgeon Midtown has in practice, recommends his patients think long and hard – and do as much research as they can. Before you make your decision, here are a few important points to consider about the facelift!

· Why are You Doing This?

The first and probably the most important thing to ask is what your motivation is behind having a facelift done. It is still a surgical procedure, so just don’t do it for the heck of it! It’s important that you already feel good about yourself — that you just want to improve your self-image, refresh your face.Self love is important, and no facelift will make you love yourself. So if you think this will completely change your appearance and give you the self esteem you want, think again. Facelift procedures will only enhance what you already have, which is great – love yourself first, and don’t think any surgery is going to help you do that for you.

· Temper Your Expectations

Again, just because you’ve favorite actors and actresses have gotten a facelift doesn’t mean you will all of a sudden be Brad Pitt or Demi Moore. It won’t turn your life upside down – get you a new wife or husband, get you a promotion, or land you a spot on the next season of Love Island.

· The Cost

Don’t mortgage your house, literally, just for plastic surgery. It is a luxury item, and you can think of so many other ways to save the money up over time. As per Dr. Swift, plastic surgery isn’t worth your financial security and that of your family’s – wait, save up if you can – a big reason why he is considered the top plastic surgeon Midtown has practicing. Your kid’s college fund will give you infinitely more joy than a facelift would – so make sure it is something you can comfortably afford, or look into payment plans, financing and other options – just don’t overextend.

· Risks & Complications

It is still surgery, no matter how you slice it, surgery has risks involved. Make sure you understand every single possible outcome, is a possibility! With any type of surgerythere are routine risks associated with anesthesia, blood loss, or infections. But cosmetic surgery has specific risks — there could be some asymmetry, a less-than-desirable outcome, and a long recovery period with slow, somewhat painful healing. As the top plastic surgeon Midtown has in business, Dr. Swift will mitigate these risks, but they are always possible! Be prepared and get as much information you can.

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