What Exactly is a Mommy Makeover?

In the world of aesthetic enhancement surgery, there are countless procedures out there – each of which generally covers a different region of the body, and different type of enhancement protocol. Generally, you can pretty much tell by the name exactly what the procedure does and what its about, according to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon Greenwich patients look to for treatment, procedures have a simple form of nomenclature, as they are generally designed to enhance or augment certain areas of the body. For instance, if one were to hear about breast augmentation, theywould easily understand that this a procedure designed to augment the appearance of the breast tissue, again, if they were to hear about some type of a lift or lifting procedure, they’d understand this to be a method of tightening, toning, and trimming contours – for instance, when we are discussing something like a neck lift, facelift, breast lift, or even the famous Brazilian Butt Lift. However, the fact is that not all procedures observe these types of easy nomenclature methods, and sometimes. As a result, things can go completely off kilter. For instance, when it comes to the mommy makeover Greenwich women, especially those of a mature age are having this procedure done more so than ever before, however, the fact is that upon first hearing the name, while they understand its some type of a makeover, very few women truly know what the procedure entails and what it actually even means. Truth be told, even patients who have had one done, are often confused by the mommy makeover, while many of them aren’t even moms, according to the best plastic surgeon Greenwich women trust, Dr. Swift, technically the procedure can offer different treatment methods for different people, based on the specific needs of that particular patient. In this article, we will be exploring the mommy makeover procedure, and finally get to the bottom of what exactly is the mommy makeover.

A Combination Procedure

When we hear makeover, we often think of those reality shows where they change a person’s wardrobe. Help style their hair, apply some makeup, and much more – the mommy makeover procedure isn’t all that different as it is a combination procedure, designed to combat certain issues that women experience as a result of aging, having children, and being busy moms without much time for themselves. When we are discussing the Mommy makeover Greenwich experts advise us that it is a catch-all phrase that refers to a specialized combination of body contouring procedures, performed together to improve the physical changes that linger long after pregnancy. One reason for its popularity is that the mommy makeover has no set components; each procedure is custom-tailored to fit the individual patient’s unique needs. However, the surgical approach generally starts with a breast and abdomen contouring procedure, then adding additional elements as needed.

What Does it Include?

As the breasts and abdomen are the primary areas of change with motherhood, a mommy makeover will often center around a breast and abdomen procedure. During pregnancy and breast-feeding, the breasts will also enlarge, increasing as much as a full cup size or more. According to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Greenwich has to offer, however, returning back to ‘normal’ can mean a significant loss in breast volume and noticeable sagging. Throughout a pregnancy, the abdominal muscles, skin and tissues stretch to safely accommodate the growing baby. Unfortunately, after childbirth, these layers may not bounce back to their taut, pre-baby shape. The mommy makeover might include:

· Breast Augmentation

· Breast Lift

· Breast Reduction

· Tummy Tuck

· Circumferential Abdominoplasty

· Liposuction

In some cases, considering that it is one of Dr. Swift’s specializations, the mommy makeover might even include a labiaplasty, or vaginal rejuvenation. Breast implants can restore fullness and lost volume, while a breast lift helps to lift sagging skin for improving shape. Today’s breast augmentation is safer and more effective than ever before, with many surgeons utilizing the Keller Funnel as a touch-free method to reduce the chance for infection and capsular contracture. For those with disproportionately large, uncomfortable breasts, a breast reduction surgery can create a smaller, more ideal appearance. One of the most common issues associated with motherhood, is the presence of loose skin, and excess fatty tissue around the belly, especially following the birth of a child. This is why when it comes to a mommy makeover Greenwich moms might want to include the abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, a circumferential abdominoplasty and liposuction. However, women do not have to stop here; a mommy makeover can also include a thigh lift, arm lift or a Brazilian butt lift. Depending on the individual surgeon and the recommended set of procedures, a mommy makeover can be performed during one single operation, or for safety reasons, may be spread out over multiple surgical sessions. In essence, if a woman were to have the full combination of procedures done, while some could be done together, the majority would have to happen at sperate times for healing and recovery purposed. This is also, rare, as most women might generally only get one or two major procedures out of the bunch, and then compliment those with a series of contouring and noninvasive treatments. For more information on the mommy makeover, be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.



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