How Does the Lip Lift Treatment Differ From Other Lip Augmentation Procedures?

For many women, having fuller, more sexy, sultry lips is a dream but thankfully, with the help of modern aesthetic medicine it is very achievable! If you’re considering lip augmentation to achieve fuller, more youthful lips, it’s important to explore the different options available. Often considered the best plastic surgeon Midtown Manhattan has in practice, Dr. Richard Swift, has helped countless patients across NYC to achieve their dream lips, and he offers a variety of lip enhancement procedures to help you do so! For some patients, who might not need a ton of enhancement and may not be ready for a more involved procedure, using simple dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane might be the answer, however, many patients these days prefer the innovative Lip Lift treatment. Despite how popular it has become in recent years, many women have no idea what this procedure truly entails. In this article, we will delve into how the Lip Lift treatment differs from other lip augmentation procedures, offering patients some valuable insights to help you choose which procedure is right for you.

The Focus on Lip Proportions

While other lip augmentation procedures primarily focus on increasing lip volume using dermal fillers, when it comes to the Lip Lift NYC experts, like Dr. Swift, are able to address the lip proportions and overall shape. The Lip Lift treatment involves a surgical technique to enhance the vermilion ( the pink area) of the upper lip by shortening the space between the nose and the upper lip. This approach results in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance, particularly for individuals with a long upper lip or a lack of visible vermilion.

Permanent and Long-lasting Results

Unlike temporary lip fillers that require ongoing maintenance treatments, the Lip Lift treatment offers long-lasting and even permanent results. By surgically adjusting the lip position, the procedure creates a lasting improvement in lip proportions. As the premiere Lip Lift surgeon NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift’s meticulous surgical techniques ensure that the results look natural and your lips age gracefully over time, without the need for repeated injections. This is also another reason why some patients prefer fillers, because they can always change the look after a few months if they aren’t satisfied.

Improved Lip Definition and Cupid’s Bow

One of the key differences of the Lip Lift treatment is its ability to enhance lip definition and accentuate the area known as the Cupid’s bow. By lifting the upper lip, the procedure provides more distinct contours and a well-defined lip border. Using this form of facial surgery New Jersey and NYC surgeons have garnered a strong reputation for crafting truly aesthetically appealing lips that can create a more youthful and attractive appearance. The Lip Lift procedure can restore the natural shape and definition that may have been lost due to age or genetics.

It’s Minimally Invasive, But Still Surgical:

While the Lip Lift treatment is a surgical procedure, it is considered minimally invasive compared to more extensive surgical techniques that werre popularized in years past. The incision is made along the base of the nose, hidden within the natural crease, resulting in minimal visible scarring. As the top face surgeon Midtown Manhattan has in practice, Dr. Swift utilizes advanced surgical techniques to ensure a comfortable experience and a quick recovery, allowing you to enjoy your enhanced lips without as much downtime as more traditional surgical procedures for the lips. However, it is important to understand that it is still a surgical procedure, and for those who may not be ready to go under the knife just yet, injectable lip fillers are still quite a popular option that many women opt for.

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