Why Have Lip Fillers Become So Popular?

When it comes to the world of aesthetic enhancement, within the past decade we have seen one of the most incredible rises in popularity, we will probably ever see in the history of mankind. From the 70’s and 80’s, all the way into the early-90’s, aesthetic enhancement procedures were seen as something that was almost exclusively for the rich and famous. The fact is that if you were a celebrity you had the money, as well as the access to the best plastic surgery practices across the country, and not only did those practices advertise to specifically to you and those in your wealth bracket, they appealed to your sense of mortality within your industry. One important thing to understand about those working in entertainment during this time period, was that they were also experiencing a boom – with that boom came the idea that as they aged, and their good looks began to fade, regardless of their gender, they could easily be replaced by someone younger, and in better physical condition, often at a cheaper cost.

This spurred many to flock to aesthetic enhancement seeking out the best plastic surgery they could find. Well, as time advanced, and so did plastic surgery technology and techniques, it became far easier to perform, and more surgeons began to choose aesthetics as their main specialty. As a result, prices dropped, and more and more everyday individuals began to take part. However, regardless of the human desire for good looks, and our inborne vanity, there is still a sense of self-preservation and many individuals may not be ready to fully go under the knife and began seeking non-invasive options for themselves. Considering that the lips are one of the most important areas of the face to denote female beauty, highly invasive lip surgeries were replaced with the use of dermal lip fillers NYC aesthetic doctors such as Dr. Richard Swift began pushing this as a safer alternative, that proved to be just as effective as surgery. When it comes to the use of lip fillers Midtown Manhattan aesthetics specialist, Dr. Swift has been able to help countless patients to achieve the full, plump lips they’ve always wanted, with a strong, definitive lip line, that surgery may not even be able to replicate. The fact is that with lip fillers NYC patients have found a cheaper, safer, effective alternative and it truly has spurred the market even more. In this article, we will be exploring the exponential rise of lip fillers.

Get Lips Like Kylie

When they were first introduced into the aesthetic landscape, lip fillers, along with other dermal fillers, were typically only used for patients who began to see changes in their skin, specifically their lips, cheeks, forehead, and more – most commonly due to the aging process. More recently, there has been a huge boom in lip fillers and injections in younger generations looking to modify their lips to achieve a more plump, more voluminous look that they see on their favorite celebrities and IG models. Even patients as young as 18 years old are interested in lip fillers and are getting them done. As we mentioned, the price drop and safety aspects were key. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to lip fillers Midtown patients who are barely out of high school are able to have the same procedure as their favorite celebrities, for a similar cost and with equivalent results, as fillers have become an industry standard. Just think, as an 18-year-old girl, by working a summer job, by the fall you can afford to have the same exact procedure that one of your idols, Kylie Jenner has had done! At no other point in the history of aesthetic enhancement was this ever possible.

The Power of Social Media

Known to perform some of the best procedures using lip fillers NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Swift agrees with the idea, as lip fillers have become such a phenomenon. The fact is that while he might be injecting Juvéderm into the lips of a TV actress one minute, his next appointment might be for an unknown NYU student, who is also getting the same Juvéderm injectable, at the same price, to achieve similar results. Social media has had a lot to do with it as well, considering that one of the most popular poses amongst young girls, and Instagram starlets alike is known as the “duck face”, where they perse their lips and make a face that resembles the bill of a duck for the camera. While it was the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton who popularized it years ago, it has become a staple for generations that followed. And the more plump, full, and definitive your lip line is, the sexier you feel your lips look in every post. So, if all that’s stopping you from having lips like Kylie Jenner is two paychecks worth of injectables, then why not. While this might not be the soundest way of thinking and practicing the most fiscal responsibility, it’s the way things are, and just like every generation before them, hopefully most of these young girls will grow mature over time and treat aesthetic enhancement with the respect and thought it deserves. While Kylie can have the best plastic surgery procedure done, that may cost upwards of $5-10,000, the fact is that lip fillers are generally much less costly, and have far less risk attached. For more information on lip fillers and more, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.



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