3 Little Known Facts About Labiaplasty

While it might be a sensitive area for discussion, both figuratively and literally, it seems more interest and attention are being paid on women and their intimate areas than ever before. As the aesthetic enhancement world has achieved new and unique heights, the surgical procedures and techniques have become quite amazing, and in many cases mind blowing. One of the most popular procedures in recent memory has got to be the labiaplasty NYC doctors and patients agree! According to Dr. Richard Swift, expert plastic surgeon and known for the best labiaplasty NYC has to offer, the procedure is actually not too dangerous, despite being in one of the most sensitive areas. In fact, the procedure is currently designated as a minimally invasive surgical procedure.The procedure is designed to help womenimprove the appearance, and overall aesthetic of their vaginal area – more specifically the labia. In years past the idea of aesthetic enhancement was thought to be a dirty little secret, however, as society has become more open, women across the world are feeling more free to discuss issues with their intimate areas, including issues with sexual intercourse, certain functional issues, and cosmetic concerns they might have as well. This has led many women to consider the labiaplasty Midtown Manhattan’s Dr. Richard Swift, has seen more and more women seeking out labiaplasty than ever before. And despite the popularity, and somewhat openness that has arisen, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions about the procedure. To better help you understand the labiaplasty Midtown Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Swift and his team, offer these important things you may not know.

· What Can the Labiaplasty Do for you?

When it comes to the labiaplasty NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Swift focuses on the following factors for enhancement or improvement.

o The overall size of the labia, ensuring that it is in a pleasing proportion to the other areas of the vagina.

o The shape of the labia, making it more of an “aesthetically-pleasing” shape.

o Overall symmetry of the labia, ensuring that the labia appear even on either side.

o Reduce any physical discomfort.

o Reduce any mental discomfort, or self-consciousness.

o Improve certain functional issues that might cause issues during sex or other activities.

· Mental Toll

Often, when individuals think about having aesthetic enhancement surgery, they focus exclusively on how good they will look and how excited they are to see and feel their newly improved body. However, an important aspect that many choose to ignore is the recovery period and the mental toll surgery can have on you, especially a procedure like the labiaplasty Midtown Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Swift makes sure to educate his patients as much as possible on these issues. Patients often experience a myriad of emotions, as the labia are such an important area, and can drastically affect a woman’s self esteem and can cause women to experience anxiety or depression during the healing period. Its important to understand that a procedure such as this cannot make you love yourself, and self-love is something that comes from within and no amount of surgery can give you that.

· Physical Toll & Feminine Care During Recovery

In addition to the mental toll, its important to realize bruising, swelling, redness and pain are definite – its vital to follow your doctor’s orders and tips to mitigate these symptoms as best you can. Get as much rest as possible, and make sure to eat a healthy, high protein, high fat and calorically dense diet, as this will help you during the healing process. Also, itchiness is very likely do your best not to scratch, and its vital that you stay on top of your feminine hygiene during this recovery period.Using baby wipes or irrigating the area with water is sometimes a good alternative to toilet paper. Specifically avoid tampons until your surgeon advises. Make use of pads and panty liners. You will need to have some dressing materials on hand and products like mini pads work great for the minimal amount of drainage with labiaplasty.

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