4 Things Every Woman Needs to Know Before Having Labiaplasty Surgery

In the world of plastic surgery, over the years we have seen a lot of amazing innovations and the introduction of a number of interesting new techniques. And while plastic surgery was more so thought of as everyone’s dirty little secret in years past, due to the rise of social media, and the spread of such conversations online, as well as the improvements made to procedure techniques, men and women are now far less secretive about procedures they have had. And no longer is it something they feel the need to hide. However, this newfound transparency, may not exist everywhere just yet. According to Dr. Richard Swift, consider to be the top labiaplasty specialist Nassau County has in practice – more women are getting labiaplasty procedures than ever before. And while it has become quite popular, being such a sensitive, private region of the body, women are far less likely to share news of such a procedure. And unlike other procedures where conversations have become a lot more public, due to such inhibitions it has in a way, stunted the education of the labiaplasty procedure. therefore, to better educate patients, in this article, we will be going over a few of the most important things women need to know before having a labiaplasty procedure done.

Understand the Emotions of It and Have a Support System

One of the most important factors of plastic surgery in general, and particularly a procedure like a labiaplasty that is linked to our most intimate moments, is the emotions that might be brought out before, during, and after. According to Dr. Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Long Island has in practice this is often ignored by patients and to their detriment. It’s vital that you have a solid emotional support system in place during your recovery period and even prior you come to grips with any self-esteem or confidence issues this might bring about. It’s important for plastic surgery patients to understand that improving their look can certainly improve their self-esteem, but it shouldn’t all just hinge on that, and you as a person have a whole lot more to offer than just your looks or the shape of an intimate body part. According to Dr. Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Great Neck has to offer, depression, anxiety, and a myriad of other emotions are certainly possible during recovery, so be sure to remember that and discuss these feelings with people close to you or a mental health professional if possible.

Pain, Swelling, Mild Bruising

Another factor that many patients will tend to gloss over is what their recovery period will entail. According to Dr. Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Nassau County has to offer, it is vital that patients understand the basics of their recovery period and what sort of physical issues they should expect to deal with and plan for them. It truly isn’t as painful as most patients think, but they will definitely feel some level of discomfort during their recovery. In addition, side effects like swelling, redness, and bruising are very likely, however, after the first few days to a week, these issues will slowly subside. Sometimes even with the use of medication, these things can last up to two weeks, just make sure to keep your surgeon informed and try not to overthink it unless you see a problem or some issue occurring.

Rest is Vital!

One of the biggest mistakes, as we mentioned, is patients underestimating their recovery period and how much rest they will need. According to Dr. Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Long Island has to offer, it’s vital that you keep a proper perspective, and understand that you just had major surgery on a sensitive area of the body. You need to take some time off from work or school, and avoid anything overly taxing physically for at least a week after surgery. You should rest as much as possible and probably will feel sapped for energy for the first few weeks after surgery anyway. Just remember it will soon be over with and you can enjoy the fruits of your procedure soon enough.

Feminine Hygiene Care

This is one of the most common questions women have following such a procedure. And according to Dr. Swift, the top labiaplasty specialist Great Neck has in practice, it’s important to listen to the specific pieces of advice your surgeon gives you. Avoid the use of tampons after surgery, try to make use of pads and panty liners as best you can. You should try to have some dressing materials on hand as you will likely need them at times. Also, many women are advised to use baby wipes along the area and try to irrigate with water when they can. This will help to keep things clean and hygienic.

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