Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation

With plastic surgery becoming more and more mainstream in recent years, women across the world are far more open to a wide variety of surgical enactment methods – many of which they would never have even dreamed of in years past. One such procedure is the labiaplasty, sometimes known as labia reduction. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the top plastic surgeon for labia reduction NYC has to offer, the labiaplasty is a unique procedure that not only helps improve the overall aesthetic of the female genitalia but can help improve functional issues as well as discomfort. While labiaplasty may not always include labia reduction NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Swift often treats women who suffer from an overall large, or disproportionate labia. This allows him to not only resize the labia, but to reshape, and create aesthetically pleasing symmetry, as many women naturally have mismatching labia. While this might seem to be almost exclusively a cosmetic concern, by altering the size and shape of the vaginal lips, we are able to alleviate discomfort, tightness, and chaffing that can often occur due to the asymmetry. Due to the size and shape, women often feel discomfort at different times, including:

· When wearing tight clothing or undergarments.

· When performing strenuous activities or exercise.

· During sexual intercourse.

One of the most important things to understand about the labiaplasty is that while patients can have this procedure done at any point in their adulthood, often due to gravity, and wear over time – many patients consider a labiaplasty as they get older. As with every other part of the body, our genitalia is affected by the degeneration of cells commonly associated with aging. This is a major reason why, in conjunction with labia reduction NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Swift recommends patients consider a full vaginal rejuvenation as well.

When it comes to improving the overall form and function of our intimate areas, unlike in years past, women have a number of different options that can make a world of difference. When it comes to a full vaginal rejuvenation NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Swift combines multiple different procedures into one – depending upon the specific needs of the patient. Again, as we age, the tissue along the female genitalia begins to loosen and fall victim to years of gravity and other factors. As this occurs women will experience symptoms such as loose skin, looseness of the vaginal walls and canal, discomfort during intercourse, lost sensation in the clitoral area, and a lack of moisture during sexual activity. By performing a full or partial vaginal rejuvenation NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard swift is able to help women relieve these symptoms, and drastically improve the overall appearance and function of the whole vagina.

A full vaginal rejuvenation includes a combination of different minimally invasive surgical procedures, at multiple points of the female genitalia. The procedures that are possible include:

· Labiaplasty: As we discussed, this procedure is performed to resize, reshape and provide overall symmetry to the vagina lips.

· Clitoral Hood Reduction: For those with an excessively large fold(s) of the clitoral hood, or prepuce – creating a bulging appearance at the top of the vagina. The procedure can reduce the size of the clitoral hood and help restore balance to the vagina overall.

· Monsplasty: For women with excess skin and fatty tissue along the upper part of the vulva, known as the mons. Reduces the size and appearance of this bulging skin and fat tissue.

· Vaginoplasty: When it comes to a vaginal rejuvenation NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Swift feels that the vaginoplasty is the most popular and the most important for the function of the vagina. This procedure is designed to tighten the vaginal walls and improve sexual dysfunction – especially common for those of an advanced age or following any vaginal trauma or childbirth.

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