Finding Your Facelift Surgeon: Before and After, Reviews and Clients

When you are considering facial plastic surgery, its definitely one of the most important decisions of your life, and something you should never take lightly. The fact is that when it comes to any form of aesthetic enhancement, especially facial plastic surgery you need to do your homework and truly ask yourself if its something you truly want to have done, and something you are ready for. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the top facelift specialist Nassau County has in practice, all too often, patients will consider a facial plastic surgery as somewhat of a minor procedure when in fact it is just the opposite. The truth of the matter is that when it comes to facial plastic surgery procedures like a facelift, the fact being the canvas, makes it that much more of a delicate and intricate procedure. Your face is the first thing people see when they look at you, therefore any issues to your face can mean disaster for your appearance and really break you down in many different ways. According to Dr. Swift, the top facelift specialist Manhasset has to offer, this is why he always advises patients that whether they choose to go to him or another doctor, they make sure they do their homework and absolutely make certain they are comfortable with their decision. As we have stated in previous articles, there are tons of unscrupulous individuals out there, some former surgeons who have lost their license or certification, and others who aren’t trained surgeons at all, willing to provide you procedures at rockbottom prices, just to take advantage of the popularity of plastic surgery over these past few years. This is why Dr. Swift, the top facelift specialist Manhasset has in practice is offering this series on how to choose the right facelift surgeon for you. In our previous article, we went over the importance of ensuring your surgeon is fully licensed and board certified and someone who has a lot of experience performing facelift surgery. And to continue on in that trend, we will look at a few more of the most important things to look over when choosing the right facelift specialist Nassau County has to offer – the surgeon’s reviews, before and after images, and what their clients have to say about this doctor.

Reviews and Testimonials

One of the most important things to do as a prospective patient of facial plastic surgery, is to look over the reviews of the particular surgeons you are choosing between. As the top facelift specialist Munsey Park patients trust, Dr. Swift has garnered some amazing reviews over the years, and they really do a good job to spell out how he has performed as a surgeon for all of his amazing procedures. This is vital in an experienced doctor, because, especially these days, people aren’t afraid to give their opinion on anything, especially not facial plastic surgery. Going online and sifting through reviews is one of the most important things you can do, and don’t just go for the ones not he doctors website, as those will obviously be curated – but check out pages like Google, RealSelf, Health grades, and many more. Like you would do if you were shopping on eBay, avoid any surgeon with a low score, and too many low scoring reviews, it simply isn’t a good sign, if they botched someone else, they may botch you. Of course you will likely find one or two bad reviews on everyone, but be sure to read the review and see if one, you think the patient had a valid point, or was just being overly critical, and two, if its just one and it involves something that you wouldn’t have any issue with – don’t be too harsh. But be sure to look for a pattern of some kind. As well as the facelift, Dr. Swift, is also considered to be the top liposuction specialist Munsey Park has in practice, and as a result, he has amazing reviews for all his procedures. While this is certainly good, try to identify how many patients mention facelifts, and while it might not be grounds to eliminate a choice, it might be something to ask about during the consultation.

Past Work Says a Lot: Before & Afters

According to Dr. Swift, one of the most important parts of a successful plastic surgeon’s job in 2022 is to document their procedures, and while they don’t have to post every single one on social media, they should keep a collection for future patients to see. In addition to the facelift, Dr. Swift is also the top liposuction specialist Munsey Park has in practice, and therefore he keeps an array of before and after pictures for all different types of procedures. As a fan of transparency, he displays the majority of these on his website, and a lot on social media. And they are carefully organized by procedure type, so patients can see his work for anything and everything. This type of transparency means the doctor has little to hide, and is proud of their work. Be sure to look through all the facelift before and afters and make sure that you see positive results that you are looking to replicate. Look for patients of various age groups, facial structures, and age-related issues – also try to find individuals with similar issues as you to match up possible results. The fact is that if you don’t like the before and afters you probably won’t like the results of your procedure, so this is very helpful.

Word of Mouth and Recommendations

In today’s digital age, everyone takes everything to the internet, and there are tons of forums online discussing pretty much every doctor or surgeon in NYC, and all of their work. Be sure to visit these forums, Google the doctors name, see what people think of this person, try to hear about others experiences good or bad. The surgeon might have amazing results, but they might be extremely expensive, or she might be very rude to her patients, these are good things to find by Googling and visiting different discussion forms. Also, a good place to get recommendations from others who have had facelifts before in the past – especially if you don’t know anyone in your family or friend group who could recommend someone to you.

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