Finding Your Facelift Surgeon: The Facility and Consultation

When it comes to facial plastic surgery, the facelift is by far one of the most prevalent procedures on the market today. And while it was first popularized decades ago, and mainly exclusive to the older, elite women of Park Avenue and Rodeo Drive, in recent years we have seen one of the most interesting rises in plastic surgery as a whole, and according to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon Nassau County has in practice, this has led to more women, and even men, having facelift procedures again. The fact is that plastic surgery in general isn’t anyones dirty little secret anymore and throughout social media we can find groups, clubs and forums where people re willing to discuss all their procures and issues. This has been a huge benefit to prospective patients, as the best liposuction specialist Old Westbury has in practice, Dr. Swift has seen patients becoming far more educated for the most part, and asking all the right questions. This is especially integral when it comes to a facial plastic surgery procedure like the facelift. When looking for a top flight facelift specialist Old Westbury patients must do their homework, the face is one of the most delicate areas to have surgery done, and therefore things can easily go bad. This is why you only want the best plastic surgeon Nassau County has to offer working on your procedure. As we have discussed in our previous articles in our Finding Your Facelift Surgeon series, there is a lot you need to make sure – especially in today’s world. The popularity in plastic surgery has also led to a lot of terrible fakers, trying to con their way into your pockets by offering you amazing deal on procedures most of them couldn’t perform in their dreams. A lot of these individuals are former surgeons who might have lost their license or certification, and some are even brazen enough to not even be surgeons and just offer procedures to make money. This is terrible and hopefully our series has educated patients looking for a facelift. But after ensuring your doctor is accredited, and checking out before & afters, as well as their reviews, you are ready for the consultation and to see the facility.

The Surgical Facility and Office

According to Dr. Swift, the top facelift specialist Garden City has in practice, there have been terrible stories of fake medical experts providing individuals certain aesthetic shots and full fledged surgical procedures inside apartments done up to look like a surgical suite, basements of people’s homes and much worse. This is not okay, and can lead to huge issues like infections and has even led to patient fatalities in the past, whether abroad or in the US. In addition to the facelift, Dr. Swift is also the top liposuction specialist Old Westbury has in practice, and he has heard many tales of unlicensed providers giving lipo procedures, for rockbottom prices and many patients believing that hey its just a vacuum you don’t need a license to do that. This is the worst thing you can ever do as a patient, and no amount of fat removal is worth your life or health. As a prospective patient you have the right to checkout a doctor’s office and even ask to be shown the surgical suite. According to Dr. Swift, the best facelift specialist Old Westbury has to offer, this is something any patients should ask to see, to ensure that the doctor isn’t only reputable but has a clean, sterile surgical environment. sometimes, if they can’t actually bring you into the suite in person before the procedure a lot of doctors will provide you a virtual tour on their website, a video tour, or at the very least, up to date photographs of it. If this is enough for you, be sure to give it a final look on the day of your procedure and make sure it isn’t something that you aren’t comfortable with. You have the right to have your procedure in a clean, sterile and professional environment. In NYC this might be in a building the basement of a building, or even in a converted office space, but the fact is that you know professional when you see it and even on surgery day ask for a short tour of the place – you are paying a lot and they can afford you that comfort.

Your Consultation is a Big Piece of the Puzzle

Once you make a decision, or even finalize your picks for the surgeon who you want to perform your facelift – the initial consultation is vital. This is generally where you will finally meet the surgeon in person, and this is also where you can ask for your tour of the surgical suite. During the consultation you should come armed with any and all of the questions you have in regards to your surgery, anything that confused you in the previous steps, something you read online and things that might need to be answered to ease your mind. In addition, this is also the time in which the doctor will generally judge your candidacy for surgery, you want them to be critical, and not just ignore serious issues like any health problems or lifestyle habits you might have. You want someone to make sure you come away from surgery safe and with the right results. If you need to gain or lose weight for surgery this should be told to you, the surgery shouldn’t just be done anyway. Also, this is where you judge the doctor’s bedside manner and their ability to get along with you and communicate. How much do they seem to care, are they ornery and mean to you, do they make your feel comfortable about surgery, do they tell you about the recovery period and what will be involved. Are they someone who is actually real about things and someone you don’t mind listening to for direction as you will have to do this at times during the recovery and aftercare portion. For more information on all there is to know about the facelift and more, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.



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