4 Most Common Regrets Amongst Facelift Patients

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement surgery, there are a number of different options out there, depending on what specifically you might need, and what in particular you are looking to improve, or enhance. And as the years have wore on, and technology, as well as techniques have improved, surgical enhancement procedures have simply gotten better and better. With many patients having undergone surgery, without even the faintest of a trace of evidence or scarring remaining. And while much of this is up to the doctor or surgeon, according to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon Greenwich CT patients trust, when it comes to certain procedures, those that are highly invasive and may be in more intimate or more sensitive areas, whether they might be along the bikini line, the nose, or the overall face – it is vital for patients as well to do their diligence and take on certain specific responsibilities before, during and after surgery – especially if they want to achieve a top notch outcome or result. When it comes to a procedure such as the facelift Greenwich individuals and patients need to be cognizant of certain questions they should be asking, certain tasks they should have done before or after, and even certain research they should do. As this not only helps to alleviate certain misunderstandings between surgeon and patient but helps the patient to make the most educated decision they can on the procedure. In some case, generally more severe ones, an individual might even have decided against that specific procedure had their known what they know now or done their research properly – rather than having had a conventional facelift Greenwich patients might have rather opted for a mini facelift or even a chin lift. This is why its vital to do your research and follow the directions of your surgeon, even when they tell you to read up on things. In this article, we will explore some of the most common regrets and areas patients should make sure to cover and understand before their procedure.

· Ask MORE Questions

According to Dr. Swift, known as the best plastic surgeon Greenwich has to offer, the fact is that when it comes to getting a facelift Greenwich patients will often do as little research as needed. They might spend one hour total, googling things like “facelifts” and “facelift results” and look at countless photographs of women who turned their entire facial appearance around with the procedure. And while before and after photos are great, there’s a lot more to know about a procedure than just the before and after, that were taken post recovery and are made for the patient to look their worst in the before and their best in the after. It’s important to know that asking questions on forums is a great way to know what happens during the procedure, from a first-person point of view. Plus, the fact is that as the best plastic surgeon Greenwich has in practice, Dr. Swift is a treasure trove of information, and while he will certainly give you a ton of it before your procedure, it may not always address what you specifically want to know. Prior to contacting your surgeon, research facelift procedures, jot down questions, as many as you have, there are no dumb questions, its surgery, you have a right to ask whatever you want to about the procedure. Then have your doctor answer them well before your scheduled surgery. This will instantly ease any hesitations you might have and educate you on all you need to know.

· Know What You Want to Achieve and What Will Get You There

So many times, a patient might just assume they need this procedure or that procedure, and rather than properly address their specific desires to their surgeon, and then have them recommend the right procedure for you, they will often just assume they know best, and try to avoid the long questions and answers, and cut to the chase – getting the surgery done as fast as possible. In so many cases, patients have no clue that maybe the facelift they are getting wont even address the main concern they have about their face, and maybe a chin lift might have worked better for them. Plus, there are two versions of a facelift Greenwich experts will usually educate patients on this, but it is your job to speak up if you want to know what is right for you. The mini facelift is also known as the EZ Lift, this is perfect for patients who are looking for a facelift that will correct jowls and neck aging. It’s perfect for patients with good skin quality and mild to moderate jawline and neck laxity. For those who have issues with deep smile lines, or cheek and mid-face dropping, you can complement your mini-facelift or full lower facelift with an endoscopic (camera assisted) mid-face or cheek lift. However, the full facelift, is more so for those in need of extensive work, and those who might want to finally, once and for all be done with issue such as marionette lines, loose skin, jowls and much more.

· Preparation isn’t Optional!

Your surgeon will give you certain specific warnings, of what to do and what not to do before surgery. These are not suggestions, and it is vital that you strictly adhere to these warnings and requests, as its not just vital to your ability to achieve the best possible aesthetic results, but it will also help keep you alive, and healthy, before, during and after surgery!

· Educate Yourself on Recovery and DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE IT!

One of the biggest mistakes facelift patients make it to think their recovery period will be easy, because “hey, I am just getting a facelift, its not like I’m getting a BBL and lipo with a breast augmentation, right?” This is the complete wrong attitude, it’s still surgery, and no matter what procedure you are having done, your recovery period will hurt, and be tiresome, and will take a pretty long time. You will need help from others, and it is vital that you get ALL the information possible about your recovery process from your doctor, as well as patients who have been through it before.

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