The Ultimate in Facial Contouring Surgery: Facelift with Liposuction

For many of us, one plastic surgery procedure at a time is enough to deal with but recovering from two at one time can sound downright unfair. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the Top Facelift Specialist NYC has to offer, often as individuals come in for some type of surgery, and have a certain set of goals in mind – and like every patient they discuss these goals with their surgeon during their initial consultation. Often, however what happens is that, be it the shape of the patient’s face, the severity of their issues, or possibly a combination of issues, in order to achieve a look that’s even close to their goals, your surgeon will have to recommend a combination of procedures, rather than just one – these combinations of procedures will often go with one another and complement each other in some capacity. For instance, despite being the top facelift specialist NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift is also quite well known for his skills with breast procedures. Therefore, what happens often is that in the event a patient might want a breast implant procedure, increasing the size of their breasts, but also wants to have them far “perkier” with a strong lifted appearance, as her natural breasts have developed a bit of a sag to them over the years. She initially believed that the breast implant surgery was all she needed, however, while it would help somewhat, Dr. Swift knew that to achieve what she had in mind, he would need to perform an additional breast lift procedure, and the two procedures worked seamlessly together and the patient had the larger, more lifted, naturally appearing breasts she always wanted. So, in keeping with such tradition, in recent years two of the most commonly combined procedures include the facelift and liposuction. While they might not seem to complement each other that well, in reality they make for the best overall facial contouring combination around today.

In fact, the combination of these two procedures isn’t that rare at all, as individuals have been having it done for years. When it comes to facial liposuction NYC surgeons will often combine it with a lifting procedure in which the patient will have unwanted, excess skin removed. As the top facelift specialist NYC has practicing, Dr. Swift is a fan of the combination as well, considering that generally, when patients have liposuction within an area, such as the stomach, or arms, or even the face, and a decent amount of fat is removed, they will often leave behind excess skin which, depending on how long the individual was that size, may take years to remove or may not be able to come off at all. Therefore, by trimming the unwanted, excess skin and surface fat, we are then able to not only remove the unwanted fat from the area, but completely contour and tighten it as well.

When it comes to facial liposuction NYC surgeon, Dr. Richard Swift and others in the field, will generally use facial liposuction for the chin area, as patients have a tendency to accumulate fat in that region and can be particularly difficult to change with diet and exercise. During the liposuction procedure, your surgeon will make very tiny incisions (often within the natural creases of the jowl, chin, and neck area) that are just a few millimeters long. Through these incisions, a narrow tube called a micro-cannula is used to break apart the targeted fat cells and suction them out. Removing the fat in this, and then proceeding to remove the excess unwanted face and chin skin, that may be left hanging somewhat, can ensure the patient appears not only thinner, but often much younger as well. While the procedure combination can effectively do wonders for any and every one, especially those who are of an advanced age, and may have lost much of the collagen and elastin in their skin – these two compounds are two vital skincare proteins that are produced naturally, but run out as we age. using certain procedures and products we are able to stimulate the regrowth of these amazing proteins. Not only helping by removing the unwanted fat from the specific areas of the face, then helping to remove and “reupholster” the skin that did belong on the face, while simultaneously helping to build up collagen and elastin stores – so that the new skin grows stringer and healthier and incudes your skin’s natural defense mechanism. For mor information about to facial liposuction NYC surgeon, Dr. Richard Swift and his team are here to help educate you on all the ins and outs of such combination procedures in no time at all!



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