Double Chin Reduction Methods

One of the most common facial aesthetic issues for many patients, both men and women, is the appearance of unwanted submental chin fat – otherwise known as a double chin. The face is the first thing that most people see when they look at us and gives people the first impression of us, and we want that to be the best impression it can be. One of the most important areas of the face is the chin, when it comes to the overall appearance and having an aesthetically pleasing look. The fact is that the chin area has a drastic effect on the facial profile, and overall silhouette, and can make an individual often look heavier and give their face an unaesthetic, rounder appearance, as opposed to a slim, long, somewhat oval shaped face that our eyes will feel is more attractive, and aesthetically pleasing. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for chin lipo NJ has to offer, this is why there are many procedures out there designed to help patients contour, and tighten up their facial appearance and silhouette. In this article, we will be going over a few options that might be right for you, both surgical and non-surgical.

Non-Invasive Deoxycholic Acid
This is actually one of the more popular options for many patients, and something patients should often look into before considering surgical chin enhancement. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for chin liposuction NJ has in practice, while surgical enhancement might be right for many, some may not need to take such a drastic step just yet, and may see results with the use of an injectable treatment like Kybella. Sometimes done in conjunction with a chin implant NJ experts recommend Kybella, as it uses deoxycholic acid, and when injected into the chin or other parts of the body it helps to dissolve unwanted fatty tissue – which is then absorbed into the body. Depending on your specific condition or the level of enhancement you need, Kybella might be the right option for you.

Chin Implant Surgery
For some individuals, who may not have been born with as prominent of a chin as they would like, the use of a prosthetic chin implant may provide the aesthetic benefits they are looking for. However, this is highly dependent on the patient themselves, and for many patients, a reduction of fat will suffice. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for chin liposuction New Jersey has to offer, sometimes in conjunction with a chin implant NJ patients may want to consider liposuction as it provides added contouring and tightens.

Facelift or Neck Lift
You would be surprised, but one of the best procedures you can have done in order to enhance the size, shape and overall appearance of your chin is a facelift NJ experts, like Dr. Swift, are able to help patients tone and tighten the facial contours, and remove signs of aging, that will bring the chin more prominence overall. Using a neck lift, it will tighten the bands of muscles along the neck and give the chin much needed prominence.

Facial Liposuction
When it comes to facial surgery New Jersey experts like Dr. Swift offer a lot of different options, but one of the most helpful is liposuction. Over the years it has become far safer and more effective as well, and can help patients to trim away unwanted fat, alleviate a double chin and give your chin the prominence you want.

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