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Chin Liposuction Midtown NYC

What is Chin Liposuction?

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement procedures and more specifically plastic surgery, we have seen a huge influx in popularity of late, with more men and women opting for aesthetic enhancement than ever before. Much of this is due to the internet and social media, expanding the conversation. However, another important factor has been the improvements to treatment methods and techniques that have taken place over the past few years. And while much of these improvements might be focused on popular body procedures like the Brazilian butt lift or breast augmentation that seem to dominate the headlines of late. When it comes to facial plastic surgery options, we have also seen quite a rise in popularity. With procedure like the facelift and buccal fat removal, Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon NYC has in practice, has been able to help patients to transform their facial appearance while taking years off their look. While these facial plastic surgery options are popular, one of the most interesting and unique methods that has gained a lot of traction of late has been chin liposuction Midtown NYC experts like Dr. Swift have been able to help patients alleviate unwanted submental chin fat and alleviate double chins using this method. Traditionally used for the body, liposuction has come a long way over the years in terms of technique, effectiveness and overall safety. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for chin lipo Midtown NYC has in practice, using this method, patients are able to achieve a far more distinguished jawline – especially desirable for men, and create overall balance and symmetry in the face, as well as to enhance the overall facial profile. In this article, we will be going over some important things to know about chin liposuction.

When is Chin Liposuction Recommended?
As who many consider the best plastic surgeon NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift has performed countless facial plastic surgery procedures over the years. And while there are other options for reducing the presence of unwanted chin fat, with chin liposuction Midtown NYC patients have been able to achieve some top notch results. However, it isn’t for everybody. Generally your surgeon will recommend chin lipo is you suffer from a weak or poorly pronounced chin area, are looking to improve the overall appearance of the neck and jawline, are experiencing unwanted chin fat or a double chin, and are looking to enhance the overall symmetry, harmony and your overall facial profile.

Chin Liposuction Procedure Versus Chin Implants
When it comes to chin surgery, we generally think of the use of chin implants – a procedure known as the mentoplasty. This procedure is generally used for those who have a weak or unpronounced chin looking to create some more depth and volume to their chin area. However, according to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for chin lipo Midtown NYC has in practice, it simply isn’t an option for everybody, as many already have a well pronounced chin but it simply is covered by excess fat. The problem is that chin fat is hard to lose and notoriously stubborn against diet and exercise. For these patients, chin liposuction, otherwise known as submental lipo, may be a better option.

Chin liposuction is done similarly to any other liposuction method, and uses a suction vacuum device and cannula to removed unwanted fatty tissue from he chin, neck and jowls area. By removing this unwanted fat, it drastically improves the overall contours of the face and adds much needed definition to the area. Chin liposuction typically takes less than an hour and can be completed without the need for general anesthesia. A surgeon like Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for chin lipo Midtown NYC has in practice, will administer a local anesthetic to the chin and neck area to numb any pain caused by the operation. A slim tube will be inserted under the skin to break up and vacuum away the unnecessary fat, sculpting your jawline, chin and neck area. As with any other form of liposuction, once finished, the incision will be closed up and bandaged. Generally patients will be given some form of a brace of facial apparatus to wear in order to help along with the healing process and prevent the chin from experiencing any unwanted issues. For more information on chin liposuction be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.

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