5 Things to Know About Chin Implant Surgery

When it comes to facial plastic surgery, more men and women are willing to undergo procedures than ever before. In past years, the stigma behind aesthetic enhancement surgery was a lot worse than it is now, however over the years as plastic surgery has become far more mainstream a lot more individuals are willing to speak about having procedures done. This has done quite a lot to improve the education about certain popular procedures – especially with facial plastic surgery. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the best facial plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, one of the best examples of this has been chin augmentation NYC patients have been looking into this procedure more so than ever before. And as the demand has increased for such facial plastic surgery, more doctors and surgeons are looking to educate patients on it. According to some like Dr. Swift, the best facial plastic surgeon NYC has in practice, chin augmentation might just be the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure around today – allowing men and women to improve their facial profile and overall symmetry. In this article we will be going over some important things to know about chin augmentation surgery.

Chin Augmentation is a Safe Procedure

Over the years facial plastic surgery has come quite a long way, and many improvements have been made to techniques and safety protocols. According to Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for a chin implant NYC has to offer, as a result chin augmentation is safer than its ever been before. With such a low risk, more patients are considering to have it done. The only thing to make sure of is that you go to a reputable doctor and ensure that your surgeon is fully board-certified. And the procedure is relatively simple and patients will generally be home the same day, with little to no pain or discomfort.

There are Risks to All Procedures

One of the most important things to know about chin augmentation surgery and any type of elective cosmetic surgery is the fact that there will always be risk to any surgical procedure, but by visiting a reputable doctor like Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Long Island has to offer. When it comes to chin augmentation, patient scan experience light to moderate pain or discomfort, and in some cases patients may also experience issues such as inflammation, and swelling following the procedure. however, its important to understand that patients will generally get over these side effects and issues within a few days of the procedure. No procedure is without its risks and side effects, therefore it’s best to find a doctor whom you can truly trust.

A Long Term Procedure

The fact is that when it comes to chin implant surgery, it isn’t a procedure that needs to be redone over and over, like using fillers and other injectables. According to Dr. Swift, the best facial plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, with chin augmentation patients can get a permanent change. The results patients will experience will last forever and for the most part even as a patient ages, they will enjoy the appearance of the chin implant and how it ages.

Subtle or Larger Chin Implants

When it comes to a facial plastic surgery procedure like a chin implant, some patients will often be worried about the size of the implant or the shape of it. But the fact is that the chin implants that are put in, a well known skilled plastic surgeon will ensure that your implant looks as natural as possible and they come in many different sizes. According to Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for chin augmentation NYC has to offer, the right implant can often be perfectly complimentary to your face and the right surgeon can ensure your face doesn’t look overly done or unnatural.

Short Recovery Time

One of the best thing to know about getting chin augmentation done is that the recovery time is fairly short and most patients will be back to their normal daily activities within a week or so of their initial treatment. According to Dr. Swift, some patients will even return to work within a few days. Generally patients will experience some minor swelling or inflammation. It’s best to avoid strenuous activity for at least a few weeks after the procedure, to ensure that no damage occurs to the implant area.

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