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Buccal Fat Removal Queens

The Facial Contouring Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

In the world of facial plastic surgery, we have seen procedures like the facelift dominate the scene for many years now. As the most popular option for both women and men, the facelift is facial contouring surgery procedure that helps to tighten and improve the overall look of one’s face and overall facial appearance by trimming away unwanted skin tissue. And while this is probably the most effective method of facial plastic surgery for overall facial contouring, another popular procedure has been making headlines and become quite popular recently, buccal fat removal surgery. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon Queens has to offer, this cheek reduction procedure targets an area known as the buccal fat pad, along the mid cheek area. This area often accumulates fat due to a person’s genetic makeup and can give patients the appearance of a chubby lower facial region and overall poor facial structure. Often times, when patients feel their face may be appearing too chubby or too full, especially in the lower region of the jowls and nearest the jawline, using buccal fat removal surgery Queens patients are able to better tighten and contour the area, creating a much more aesthetically pleasing facial profile and look. It has become a favorite amongst patients, as it allows for permanent contouring of the mid cheek area. Despite its popularity and effectiveness, very little is truly known about the procedure, and it isn’t as widely talked about as other methods like the facelift. As we have in previous articles, we will be going over some important things patients should about the contouring benefits of buccal fat removal surgery.

The Effects of Buccal Fat and Buccal Fat Removal Surgery
Most of us have no idea what buccal fat actually is or where it is located, but it is one of the most common aesthetic concerns amongst men and women these days. The buccal fat is located along the mid cheek area, sometimes known as the bite line area. One of the muscles that assists in chewing known as the bucks inmate muscle is located in this area. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for buccal fat pad removal Queens has in practice, this area of the cheek has a strong effect on the patient’s overall look and can drastically effect their appearance and unlike other areas of the body, facial fat, and specifically buccal fat, is highly resistant to diet and exercise. This is why people have the procedure done. As the best plastic surgeon Queens has to offer, Dr. Swift recommends this procedure to only those that have an excess of buccal fat in the area, that contributed to the overall lack of definition and a protrusion of buccal fat in the area. The procedure itself is much simpler than other facial plastic surgery options, and is far less invasive. Using a small incision made from within the mouth, the buccal fat pad is accessed, and can either be partially or fully removed. For some patients, even those who are generally thin all over, but have larger buccal fat accumulations, the procedure can result in overall facial refinement and improved contouring – bringing out the other features that may have previously been drowned out in the past.

Short & Long Term Benefits
One of the best things about buccal fat removal Queens experts like Dr. Swift want to educate patients on is that it can offer benefits both in the short and long term. In the short term, those that experience excess buccal fat accumulations will have a more streamlined look and overall better facial contours. In addition, as we age, because buccal fat is sometimes less susceptible to facial volume loss, as other areas of the face lose volume, the buccal fat will often stay larger as we age. As a result, over time, due to aging and the effects of gravity, the buccal fat and cheek pads will begin to slowly sag, and drastically effect the patient’s look as they age. This will lead to overall issues in the face such as wrinkling, loose, sagging skin and much more.

V-Line Facial Shape
The key to buccal fat is that it provides benefits that can help contour and shape the face overall and provides a better overall canvas for your facial features. The cheeks are in an important position as they are essentially the intersection of different features of the face. And by slimming this area, you create what’s termed as a v-line shape to the face. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for buccal fat removal Queens has to offer, this facial shape is overall more aesthetically pleasing as we as humans are biologically programmed to think this way. Because of its positioning in the lower region of the face, with buccal fat removal surgery Queens patients can create an overall more tapered look to their face and appearance.

For more information about buccal fat removal surgery, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.

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