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Weight reduction activities and diets are not feasible alternatives for everybody due to some sensible problems. It doesn’t mean they ought to stick to being unsound since there are various unconventional, yet extremely effective options for them. Thanks to the newest studies, it is now attainable to achieve a fat free facial feature with the assistance of buccal fat removal. This procedure facilitates to reduce the size of your cheeks by disposing of excess fatty tissue. This makes a more defined face and may even give your self-confidence a boost.

How Buccal Fat Removal Works?
Buccal fat removal processes are usually performed in an outpatient center or cosmetic surgeon’s office. You will receive local anesthesia to lessen the feeling of pain because the specialist will be creating a long incision between the gums and cheek. The specialist removes the fat by delicately applying pressure under the cheekbone; the fat distends through the cut, and he/she can then expel it with forceps.

Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal
· Improving the looks without extensive surgery
· Enhancing self-confidence
· Making a more mature look
· Making a more defined and sculpted appearance

Risks and side effects
· Risk of infection
· Slow healing time
· Risk of excessive scarring
· Unbalanced look – if the surgeon removes too little or too much fat

Am I a good fit for Buccal Fat Removal?
A best fit candidate for a Buccal Fat Removal will be a person with excessive fat in the lower cheek part. Patients ought to have sensible surgical beliefs, and also be in good health. Both male and female can take advantage of the Buccal Fat Removal procedure.
It is recommended for you to consult your physician for an elaboration regarding what you are needed to do prior and after the surgery. You are additionally given a chance of talking to the individuals that have undergone the same procedure so that you can build confidence.

If you are considering Buccal Fat Removal service you should consult a certified Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Richard W. Swift, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. is board certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery. He is committed to providing every patient with high-quality and affordable personalized care. Schedule your appointment now!



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