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Buccal Fat Removal Flushing

Your Buccal Fat Removal Procedure & Recovery

Over the years facial plastic surgery procedures have come quite a long way. Not only in terms of just the procedure techniques, treatment methods and the safety protocols that are used with such procedures, but also in terms of popularity. In years past facial plastic surgery was often seen as being quite risky and something that wouldn’t offer patients optimal results. Using certain procedures, some patients would fear that they would experience results that were very unnatural and would look overly done and highly enhanced – and to a degree this was true. However, according to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon Flushing has to offer, when such procedures are performed by a professional and experienced surgeon, patients are generally in safe hands. Considering how sensitive the face can be and how vital the facial tissue is, it is important that you hire an experienced surgeon who not only has the skillset but the experience in performing such procedures and providing patients with optimal results. One of the best examples of such a procedure is buccal fat pad removal surgery. A procedure that targets the patient’s buccal fat pad tissue, that exists along the mid cheek. This fat accumulation can often make patients experience a wider and much thicker lower jaw and face area. This will often make patients look much chubbier than they should be and will give patients the presence of a baby face. In many cases as well, as patients age, and other facial fat and tissue begins to degrade, the buccal fat region will stay the same size and the fatty tissue will even begin to sink and sag over time, causing additional unwanted age issues. The procedure is designed for those who have larger than normal buccal fat accumulations along their face, and for such patients the results they attaIn will completely slim down the lower portion of their face and jawline area. In this article we will go into the procedure steps and the recovery patients can expect.

The Buccal Fat Removal Procedure Steps
As with any other form of facial plastic surgery, when it comes to buccal fat removal Flushing experts like Dr. Swift will warn patients that they should understand this is still surgery – even if it might be minimally invasive and not something that is overly taxing on the body. The best part of such procedure and the changes that have been made to it over time is the fact that the incision used is much smaller, and made from the inside portion of the mouth area. When this happens, the patient will be able to get the results they want, without having to deal with unwanted scarring and tissue issues. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for buccal fat removal Flushing has to offer, the procedure steps are as follows:

  • Anesthesia and Sedation: Patients are general administered some form of local anesthesia in order to dull the sensation and any pain or discomfort they might feel during their procedure. Depending on the surgeon and patient, the sedation may be different but generally you will be awake but not be able to feel much during the procedure.
  • Incision: As we mentioned, buccal fat removal surgery require that an incision be made from within the mouth, on the inner portion of the cheek and the buccal fat pad area itself. Making this smaller incision in the mouth allows patients to avoid unwanted scarring.
  • Closing the Incision: Using surgical sutures, as with most procedures, the incision is simply closed from the inside of the mouth. These sutures are usually dissolvable and will disappear over time.
  • Results and Recovery: Like with any other form of facial plastic surgery, patients must go through a recovery period and allow the incisions and procedure to heal over time. This will result in an overall slimmer face and more well contoured facial appearance, specifically in the area of the cheeks and hollows.
    • Buccal Fat Removal Recovery
      Just like any other form of facial plastic surgery and plastic surgery in general, it is vital that you follow any and all directions from your surgeon. For this procedure specifically, patients may be asked to follow a liquid diet for some period of time, usually a week or so, in some cases longer. You will also likely be provided with a special oral rinse in order to prevent bacterial build up and infection issues from occurring. Because this is a minimally invasive procedure, according to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Flushing has to offer, healing period isn’t as highly involved as others, however, you will experience swelling and bruising is possible, also some minor pain and discomfort is likely. So be sure to take any medication you are given and visit your surgeon for follow ups to check on the healing status. As swelling decreases you will see your results improve over time. For more information on buccal fat pad removal surgery, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.

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