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Buccal Fat Removal Brooklyn

How Does Buccal Fat Removal Work?

The topic of plastic surgery can be somewhat controversial at times, with many individuals unwilling to admit to having work done, and others being far more transparent and broadcasting their love for aesthetic enhancement across social media and online forums. According to Dr. Richard Swift, who many consider to be the best plastic surgeon Brooklyn has to offer, regardless of your opinion plastic surgery has become more popular than it ever has before, and has reached the mainstream in many ways. In the past, patients would often hide their procedures and the fact they have had certain work done, in today’s world, the conversation is much more open and it has led a lot of people to become way more educated on the topic and much more knowledgeable than they otherwise would be. One of the best examples of this lies in a facial plastic surgery procedure known as buccal fat removal, a procedure that has become especially popular amongst celebrities and influencers across social media. Buccal fat removal has been around for some time, but has recently gained quite a bit of popularity as it allows patients to completely revamp their facial structure, and carve out higher cheek bones and a razor sharp jawline and alleviate issues with facial fat. Despite how popular it has become, many patients are still relatively uneducated on how it works and why so many influences are championing it. In this article, we will be going over how exactly it works and what you should know about being a good candidate for such a procedure.

The Basics
While a lot of patients have been more transparent about having work done, of course there will be a lot who simply aren’t comfortable discussing the work they’ve had done. And this is totally okay. However, it’s important to understand that when you see your favorite celebrities and influencers with well contoured cheeks and a fresh, new razor sharp jawline, that many of these individuals have likely had this very same procedure done. According to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Brooklyn has in practice, buccal fat removal has become one of the most prominent facial plastic surgery methods to come about in recent years, and can offer patients a number of unique benefits. Buccal fat is concentrated around the cheek area, and is present in a fatty pad along either side of the face. Whether entirely or just partially, removing the buccal fat pads alone the mid-cheek area can help patients to achieve a much slimmer and much more well contoured face overall. One of the best things about this procedure is that often patients with larger buccal fat pads will have their other facial features drowned out by the sheer size and shape of the fatty pads. However, when they are removed, again, either partially or entirely, it allows the other facial features such as the lips and nose, and jawline area to take center stage and become more prominent and visible.

The Procedure
One of the best things about facial plastic surgery and aesthetic enhancement overall is that its constantly evolving, and new techniques, methods and safety protocols are constantly being put in to place. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for buccal fat removal Brooklyn has in practice, this has made the procedure that much more popular and something that many men and women are constantly clamoring for. The procedure itself is very simple and much less invasive than other facial plastic surgery methods. For individuals with excess facial fat, an incision is made, usually from within the cheek, so as to hide the mark and alleviate any unwanted post-procedure scarring issues. The buccal fat pads will often feel like little collections of fatty tissue and once the surgeon finds them, they are easily removed – again, either partially or entirely, depending on the patient’s specific needs. For most patients the procedure can be completed in under 30 minutes, but in some cases may take as long as an hour or so. Swelling and visible scarring may occur after the procedure but this is common and will likely dissipate within a week or so. Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for buccal fat removal Brooklyn has in practice will provide you with a special list of things to make sure of and do after your procedure in order to improve healing and expedite recovery time.

Your Candidacy and Consult
When it comes to buccal fat pad removal, most patients are good candidates but it’s important to understand it’s not for everybody. According to Dr. Swift the top surgeon for buccal fat pad removal Brooklyn has in practice, those with larger stores of fat in the buccal area make the best candidates, and those who are in good overall physical and mental health. In addition, the best candidates are generally those who aren’t smokers, or are willing to quit for a long period before and after surgery, as it will help with healing and recovery. For some patients, who may not have large buccal fat pads, it can be dangerous to get, as facial fat is precious and will likely be lost with age. This is less so the case with buccal fat, however, facial volume loss is a common issue as we age, and during your consult an expert like Dr. Swift will be able to better judge your candidacy. For more information on buccal fat removal and other procedures be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.

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