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Buccal Fat Pad Removal Brooklyn

Important Questions to Ask Before Buccal Fat Removal

With plastic surgery having reached new heights of popularity in recent years, many of us might be familiar with popular procedures like the Brazilian butt lift or breast augmentation. And while it is far less discussed and in some senses somewhat controversial, facial plastic surgery has also become quite popular over the years as well, with more patients than ever before willing to undergo certain procedures than ever before. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the best plastic surgeon Brooklyn has in practice, one of the best examples of this is a procedure known as buccal fat removal. Buccal fat is fat that is directly along the cheek area, specifically in the mid-cheek and those with an excess of buccal fat will often appear to have a naturally soft or inflated look to their face, and will often appear far younger than they otherwise would. In addition this buccal fat can cause patients to look bloated and over time, as they age, it can lead to excessive sagging and other issues. Facial fat is precious, however, unlike other areas, buccal fat isn’t lost as often due to facial volume loss issues and can actually become a huge detriment as we age because the surrounding areas that experience facial volume loss will become thinner and the mid-cheek area will only look larger and more full. Despite how popular this procedure has become, according to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for buccal fat removal Brooklyn has in practice, many patients aren’t as educated on the subject as they should be and aside from doing their own research one of the best things they can do is to contact a surgeon and schedule a consultation. But during the consult, its important for you to know what to ask and what questions they might deem best. In this article, we will go over some important questions to ask your surgeon about this procedure.

Buccal Fat Removal
Its important to understand what buccal fat removal is and what it can achieve before we delve any further. Buccal fat removal surgery is a procedure designed to help patients thin out their cheeks and create improved facial contours and a thinner, more streamlined jaw and lower face area. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for buccal fat pad removal Brooklyn has to offer, the procedure is highly individualized and depends on the patient’s specific needs and the size of their cheeks. The ideal candidate for such a procedure is someone who has excessively large facial fat pads, and is looking to thin out their face overall, as if an individual has too thin of a cheek area, their face will look overly thin and gaunt with age. The buccal fat procedure is generally done using an incision from the inner area of the mouth, so that the surgeon may access the fat pad without needing to leave any unwanted scarring or abrasions, where they may not be necessary. ideally, to have it done, you should have a need for it, that a doctor like Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for buccal fat pad removal Brooklyn has in practice, can see. In addition, you should be in good overall health and avoid smoking, while also having realistic expectations of what is possible through surgery and have a positive mental attitude about the procedure in general. During your consult, you will go over all of this and more, and learn a lot more about the procedure but it is good to educate yourself and be prepared with questions you want to ask.

Questions to Ask During Your Consult
No matter who you see for your procedure there are many important questions to ask, and it is vital to not only see a surgeon with the proper credentials but one who has experience in performing the procedure and can show you other patients and their results. Some of the most important questions to ask include:

Are you Board Certified?
A plastic surgeon should be board certified and licensed to perform certain procedures, and if they are not, you should be having anything done by them as this can drastically impact your overall health and wellness as well.

What Experience Do You Have with Buccal Fat Removal?
The fact is that a surgeon might be licensed to perform certain procedures, but may also not have the experience performing them. This is important as you will likely want to go with someone who has a track record and has helped other patients with your issue as well. Be sure to get as much detail as possible on the subject.

Why Should I Have the Procedure Done? And Why Not?
This is a good question to ask, as it will allow you to get more insight into the doctor’s experience level and why they feel you are a good candidate and what factors may be present with you, that make you a good candidate for such a procedure. As the top surgeon for buccal fat removal Brooklyn has in practice, Dr. Swift will give you a number of reasons why you should or shouldn’t have a the procedure done, and it is ultimately your decision as the patient. Your consult is there to help you as well as your doctor better understand the procedure as well as your candidacy for it, and this is the type of question that can help make that happen.

Can I See Past Patient Experiences and Before & After’s?
Any doctor in New York City who has performed buccal fat pad removal surgery over the years will likely have a number of before and after images to show and many past patient experiences to give you details about. It is your right to ask to see them, and this can also give you a better outlook of what is possible through such a procedure.

For more information on buccal fat removal be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.

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