6 Tips for a Good Breast Augmentation Recovery

With the popularity of plastic surgery having made it to new heights in recent years, we have more men and women than ever before willing to have some form of aesthetic enhancement. Over the years, while other procedures have seen their ups and downs, and new methods have come into the fold, procedures like Breast Augmentation have always maintained their position as being a top procedure, and one that women across multiple ages, and levels in life are having done. According to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Munsey Park has to offer, breast augmentation can refer to many different procedures, but generally in most cases, it is a procedure that utilizes breast implants to help women achieve the larger, more shapely, well contoured breasts they’ve always wanted. The procedure has come quite a long way over the years, and with new improvements to techniques and breast implant technology, when it comes to breast enhancement Munsey Park women are able to achieve far better results, and experience far less side effects, unwanted risks and complications as a result of surgery. As surgeons like Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Manhasset has in practice, have learned more about the anatomy and how to better use implants, the procedures have become far safer and it has made breast augmentation far more accessible to everyday women. Despite how much more prominent the procedure has become and how much more women know about it, one of the areas where patients are still somewhat uneducated is the recovery process. The recovery is vital when it comes to breast enhancement Manhasset patients can make or break their results with a good or bad recovery period. In order to help patients experience the best possible results, in this article, we will be offering a few of the most important tips for breast augmentation recovery.

Wear Recovery Bras and Garments

After breast augmentation, according to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Munsey Park has to offer, one of the best things surgeons will often do for patients, following their procedure is to give patients some form of compression garment or a recovery bra. These recovery bras provide the much needed support and help to manage pain, and unwanted swelling for patients.

Take Medications as Instructed

Especially during the first week of your recovery, its no debating, you will certainly be in pain and will experience tons of discomfort. To take the edge of your surgeon will likely prescribe some form of pain medication, and may even prescribe antibiotics to avoid infection issues. If you get the medicine and your doctor deems it necessary, be sure to take it, but only as directed, as these medications can be habit forming and lead to overuse issues.

Treat Your Incisions

generally, following your breast augmentation surgery, your doctor will apply some type of bandages. Be sure to keep these clean and change these bandages, as much as you can and in an effort to make sure you don’t suffer form any other issues if your doctor asks you to apply some types of ointment or anything make sure that you do!

Prepare Before Surgery

The best thing you can do for your recovery is to prepare beforehand. Set up your bedroom area, so you have a comfortable area to sleep, and rest. Set up your TV nearby make sure you take care of all your chores and tasks beforehand. Try to have a friend or family member ready to help you out during your recovery, and be there to take you home after surgery. This person will likely have to help you with meal preparations as well. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for breast enhancement Manhasset has to offer, you will time off as well, so prepare this with your office, job or school.

Eat Well and Avoid Strenuous Activity

Make sure you don’t have to do any strenuous activity during your recovery period. Doing some daily walking around and movement can certainly help and help you recover faster, but keep it light especially in the first few weeks. Also eating healthy nutritious food and being fed can also help your tissue heal faster.

Wear Loose, Comfortable Clothing

While you might want to wear tight clothing after you heal, during your recovery make sure you have comfortable large shirts, shorts, and sweats that are loose and comfortable. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for breast enhancement Munsey Park has to offer, tight clothing can cause issues and prevent you from healing the way you need to.

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