What to Expect from Your Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In the world of modern plastic surgery, we have seen one of the most drastic increases in popularity of recent memory as more patients than ever before are relying upon surgical measures to achieve their desired appearance – both men and women. The fact is that much of this popularity comes as a result of the improvements in technology, as well as the technique that plastic surgeons are using. In the past, most normal everyday people wouldn’t even consider plastic surgery. Firstly, according to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon when it comes to breast augmentation Greenwich has to offer, plastic surgery was seen as being almost exclusively for the super-rich and certain famous celebrities. For these individuals, plastic surgery was considered to be okay, as they had the financial ability to afford the expensive procedures without having to break the bank. However, as procedures became more modern, technology used in surgery became a lot better and more readily available, and techniques became a lot smarter and more implemented new and unique ideas. This meant that procedures became a lot cheaper in comparison to what they were in the past. And with new procedures like the BBL or Brazilian butt lift, women were able to achieve the same look of their favorite celebs without having to put themselves in financial problems. Plus, the advanced technology meant that there were way less side effects, risks associated with surgery, and far less downtime. And while more patients are having surgery than ever before, some things haven’t changed, like the popularity of certain procedures. When it comes to breast implants Greenwich surgeon Dr. Swift says that just as many patients are having them done, and in fact, some patients are having them done way younger than before. And while this has done a lot for plastic surgery as a whole, it did cause some issues with the education of patients as younger people are having surgery without knowing as much about the procedure before they have it done. In this article, to help educate patients on breast augmentation Greenwich surgeon Dr. Swift will help us to identify some important things we should know before having surgery.

Before we delve into the depths of the procedure, its vital that we understand the basics of breast augmentation as exactly what each term or what the names for these procedures actually mean. Breast augmentation, sometimes referred to as a “breast aug” or “a boob job” by patients, involves using breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of your breasts. This procedure can also restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy, achieve a more rounded breast shape or improve natural breast size asymmetry.Breast augmentation is also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty. When fat from another part of the patient’s body is used to create the improved breast volume, the procedure is referred to as fat transfer breast augmentation. The fact is that according to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for breast implants Greenwich has to offer, that some patients think that these procedures are the end all be all, and they will absolutely solve all their problems – this is when people become addicted to surgery and continue having it done, as they are never really happy with the results. With breast augmentation surgery, patients can expect to do the following:

· Increase fullness and projection of your breasts.

· Improve balance of breast and hip contours.

· Enhance your self-image and self-confidence.

Knowing what you can actually expect from breast augmentation is important, but just as important you should know exactly what you can’t achieve from the procedure. Breast augmentation does not correct severely drooping breasts. A breast lift may be required along with a breast augmentation for sagging breasts to look fuller and lifted. Breast lifting can often be done at the same time as your augmentation or may require a separate operation. Your plastic surgeon will assist you in making this decision. According to Dr. Swift, the top surgeon for breast implants Greenwich has to offer, being a good candidate has a lot to do with your health, as many patients who feel that their breast size is smaller than they would like – and mental faculty comes into play quite a bit here as well. When it comes to breast augmentation Greenwich surgeon Dr. Swift advises that it is a deeply personal procedure, and it’s important that you’re doing it for yourself and not for someone else, even if that person has offered to pay for it. Patient satisfaction is high, specifically when they want the procedure themselves. In addition, physical health is vital, and patients should be old enough to where their breasts are fully developed. For more information on all there is to know about breast augmentation, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.



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