6 Points to Consider Before You Get a Facelift

For many men and women over 40, aesthetic enhancement surgery has become far more commonplace in recent years. In years past, plastic surgery was thought to be something that was almost exclusively for the rich or even the famous of our society. However, as technology has advanced, and procedures have become far safer and more effective, more individuals are willing to have them done. According to Dr. Richard Swift, considered the top plastic surgeon Greenwich has to offer, one of the most common aesthetic enhancement surgery methods for men and women over the age of 40 is the facelift. While it might seem like it’s one of the most invasive aesthetic enhancement procedures around, the fact is that as the procedure has advanced it’s never been safer, and never become more affordable. Despite that and despite how popular such procedures are, it’s important when considering a facelift Greenwich patients consider their options and truly understand whether this is the right procedure for them. In certain instances, a patient may not have issues that are severe enough for full-fledged plastic surgery. And in other instances, patients might benefit far better from a different form of plastic surgery like a neck lift or maybe even something far less invasive like Botox & fillers. Plastic surgery has come quite a long way, and there are tons of different options out there for anyone looking to improve their appearance or treat some types of aesthetic issues. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most important things to consider before getting a facelift.

Your Motivation for Surgery

One of the most important things to understand about plastic surgery and aesthetic enhancement, in general, is the fact that it will not change your life the way some people think it will. According to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Greenwich has to offer, it is important to keep perspective, the facelift procedure is simply a procedure that will help to alleviate unwanted issues that might appear as a result of aging. When considering a facelift Greenwich patients might like their appearance more but it will do only that, you must be comfortable with your self-image and think of it as something you are doing to improve on the person you already are physically and nothing else.

Have a Support System

One of the most difficult aspects of cosmetic surgery is the recovery phase. You will likely be in some minor pain and discomfort, you will need to sleep, rest, and stay in bed for much of the first few days at least. And in this period, it’s important to have some friends, or family around you who can help you to do things around the house, help you arrange food, and help take care of your other responsibilities while you might be unable to.

The Costs

Aesthetic enhancement surgery procedures like the facelift are far more affordable than they’ve ever been in years past, and many practices offer competitive pricing models and financing options that can help. But it is still expensive in comparison to other non-surgical options, therefore it’s important that you only have plastic surgery that you can afford and it’s important that you do not put yourself in any financial trouble for the sake of a procedure.

A Solid Emotional State

Another important thing to consider is your mental and emotional state when having surgery done. In many cases, where an individual is suffering from some type of trauma in their life, and they haven’t properly dealt with this issue, aesthetic enhancement surgery isn’t a great option. Always go into a procedure like a facelift, and even less invasive measures like Botox & fillers, with a clear mental and emotional state, and once you seek help from a therapist of some kind you may want to reconsider it for the future.

Understand the Recovery

Recovery periods aren’t easy, as we mentioned above. You will be uncomfortable, you will likely experience mild pain, side effects like swelling, bruising and more. It’s important that you understand as well that you will need to be able to take time off of work or school and other responsibilities as well as to have people to help and support you through the recovery process.

Risks are Possible

Like with any other surgical procedure, the facelift has certain risks that are possible. While the facelift has come a long way and is far safer than its ever been in years past, risks and side effects are still possible. Therefore it’s important to discuss these with your surgeon and understand that he or she will have a plan of action and it may require additional corrective surgery to fix your issues.

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