3 Reasons Why a Rhinoplasty Might be Right for You

Whether you refer to it as a rhinoplasty surgery, or a nose job – chances are we are all at least a little bit familiar with this common plastic surgery procedure. While the rhinoplasty procedure is commonly associated with your favorite Instagram-famous model or Hollywood starlet, in recent years, as plastic surgery as a whole has become far more accepted, the number of rhinoplasty procedures has increased exponentially as well. According to Dr. Richard Swift, often considered the best rhinoplasty surgeon NYC has to offer, nose jobs aren’t just for individuals looking for a self-esteem boost any more. Sure, there is definitely still going to be the young girl who begs her parents for a nose job for her HS graduation or the already-gorgeous model who’s body dysmorphia has compelled her that her nose is still too big – but all in all, many of the patients seeking out a rhinoplasty in the year 2020, are doing so to improve their quality of life. In fact, in some areas around the world, the statistics have been completely flipped on their head, and studies show that more individuals are choosing to undergo this procedure in order to improve things like their sinus function and overall health. So, without further ado, here are a few common reasons why people have nose jobs in 2020.

· Self-Esteem

Now without coming off insensitive, patients having rhinoplasties done for cosmetic reasons are still far and away the number one customer for nose jobs. And truth be told, while to some it might seem to be frivolous and an incredible waste of money – according to the best rhinoplasty surgeon NYC has in practice, Dr. Swift, many men and women have suffered self-confidence Some people are just born with prominent noses, bumpy noses or crooked noses. This makes them feel self-conscious for most of their lives. Getting rhinoplasty surgery can help give them the boost of confidence they need. The procedure can reduce, smooth and straighten noses tissues for years on end, and if it helps them to feel better about themselves, who are we to judge – self-love is a vital aspect of a happy life.

· Breathing Issues

In fact, while it might seem to be a bit facetious, breathing issues are slowly becoming one of the most common reasons for patients to undergo nose jobs across the world. In fact, considering how many people are born with crooked noses that can cause a deviated septum and make it difficult to breath out of one or both nostrils, having a rhinoplasty done can correct all such issues. These issues can lead to chronic snoring, and a lack of oxygen while sleeping – similar to sleep apnea, a debilitating sleep condition. A nose job can help open up the nostrils and the clear away scar tissue that might exist in the upper nasal passages – allowing patients to breathe again.

· Accidents or Trauma

The fact is that during our lives, accidents are bound to happen. And as a result of how are faces are shaped, with our nose sticking out far further than the mouth or eyes, in the event we fall down, get hit by some type of object, or get into any sort of accident, often, our nose will take the brunt of the force and lead to both breathing issues and a somewhat of a disfigured nose. In order to help fix the appearance of your nose, and reestablish your overall facial harmony, and aesthetically pleasing appearance, a rhinoplasty may be your only option. Often, many individuals who break their nose, will choose to have it reshaped during their procedure, as they will be going under the knife anyway.

The important thing to understand is that the nose doesn’t have much protection out there, and in fact, it is mostly made up of cartilage and soft tissue such as skin. Therefore, it is highly susceptible to accidents or trauma. In addition, the nose is the centerpiece of the face and its ratio and appearance in relation to other facial features is vital to our overall look and aesthetic appearance. Therefore, within this simple procedure, a surgeon like Dr. Swift, the best rhinoplasty surgeon NYC has to offer, can help patients to make drastic improvements with only the smallest cuts or incisions. For more information on nose jobs or other procedures, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.



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