4 Questions to Ask When Considering a Facelift

In the world of plastic surgery, it’s important to understand that there is a distinction between body procedures and facial plastic surgery. And while both types of procedures are certainly popular, especially in recent years as plastic surgery as a whole has reached a pinnacle of popularity in recent years, for many body procedures like the breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift are often considered to be the sexier of the two. For many, this is for obvious reasons. Despite this fact, according to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Manhasset has to offer, when it comes to facial plastic surgery procedures like the facelift Manhasset are having more and more of these surgeries done each year. The fact is that over the years, when it comes to the facelift Nassau County experts believe that there has been so many amazing advancements made to the technique, and so much of a better understanding of the facial anatomy and how they might use surgery in conjunction with other nonsurgical methods to alleviate facial aging issues like wrinkles and other things before and after the facelift Manhasset patients and those across NYC are seeing better and better results over time. However, despite how popular and effective the procedure has become, according to the team at Dr. Swifts office, known for the best plastic surgery Manhasset has to offer, far too many men and women aren’t as educated as they could be on the procedure and there is quite a bit they need to know. In this article, we will be exploring some of the most important questions patients need to ask themselves about the procedure before having it done.

Why am I Getting a Facelift?

Before we delve into any of the more specific questions, its important to simply ask yourself if the procedure is right for you. When it comes to a facelift Manhasset patients need to be aware that its no easy task and it is a facial plastic surgery procedure that is invasive, and has risks like any other surgical procedure. The fact is that getting a facelift shouldn’t be done for anyone but yourself, and no matter how much younger you think you will look, or how much better you might feel with it, it will not change your life completely. And it will not completely change the way you feel about yourself. According to Dr. Swift, the best plastic surgeon Manhasset has to offer, don’t thin k of it as a way to compete with the younger women around you, or anything like that. If you want to look and feel better that’s fine, and want t alleviate specific issues that’s fine, but beauty is only skin deep and it will not give you reason to love yourself, self love is something you need to find separate from any procedure or facial plastic surgery method.

Have I Looked Into All My Options?

again, when it comes to a facelift Nassau County patients need to understand it’s a surgical procedure and not something to be taken lightly. As you age your skin becomes less and less elastic, and fat deposits either increasing or decreasing in different parts of your face and neck. A traditional facelift Great Neck patients need to understand that this means that there are multiple incisions that must be done when performing a facelift. And therefore its important that you try other methods before jumping right to surgery. Some patients see success with Botox or injectable dermal fillers to treat wrinkles, certain procedures like laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels to alleviate blemishes and enhance your skin’s elasticity. Also good to listen to your doctor and ask about different methods they know about before surgery.

Am I Too Old or Young for a Facelift?

The fact is that aging is something that’s impossible to fight off, and no matter what you do, how much you work out, you, like everyone else will age, and eventually suffer from wrinkles and unwanted facial blemish issues. You may start seeing these issues during your 40’s, 50’s as late as your 60’s or even as early as your 30’s. This is all highly dependent upon your skincare regiment and how much you take care of yourself over the years. Its important to understand however, patients can have plastic surgery at any age, obviously its best to hold off until you as old as possible and take advantage of your natural youthful appearance for as long as possible. But there is no age group for a facelift Great Neck experts like Dr. Swift mention that some patients have them done as young as 35 others as old as 85.

What Type of Facelift Do I Need?

Its important to understand that when it comes to a facelift Nassau County patients can have multiple variation of the procedure done, depending upon their specific needs. With he help of an experienced surgeon like Dr. Richard Swift, known for the best plastic surgery Manhasset has to offer, regular facelifts will usually have incisions made along the front or back of the ears. Then the skin and muscular layers beneath the skin are then pulled and tightened. The tissues below the skin are altered to redefine the contour of your face to a more desired shape. Then, excess skin is removed before the incision is finally closed with sutures. The fact is that while this is the traditional version, the other versions might focus on specific other areas of the face, like the jowls or the neck, forehead, cheeks and more.

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