3 Common Myths to Know About Gynecomastia

The world of plastic surgery and aesthetic enhancement is one of the most highly involved and lucrative specialties in medicine, and there is a number of different reasons for why this is the case. Many individuals, no matter what their background might be, have a tendency to look down on aesthetic enhancement and the industry as a whole. They deem it to be an industry that spreads vanity and is built on one person trying to spend thousands of dollars to look better than another. And while this might be partially true, the fact is that that’s human nature, and we are all vane creatures, whether you like it or not! According to Dr. Richard Swift, the best cosmetic surgeon Greenwich has to offer, vanity has a little to do with almost every human action. In fact, in one way or another, vanity is the reason we work out, vanity is the reason we wear nice clothes, we work hard in school, the reason we learn unique hobbies and develop interesting personalities. Because in some way, shape or form we want to compete with one another, and while it might not be the entire motive, it certainly is a piece of it! One of the most common issues amongst men, and the surgical method to treat it, is heavily controlled by vanity. This is gynecomastia surgery, and the condition of gynecomastia Greenwich surgeon Dr. Swift believes that while it is so common amongst men, that if it wasn’t for vanity, a lot of men would simply let it go. This is a condition in which men will grow additional, often swollen, female-like breast tissue. Generally, this conditional is genetic or has to do with a fluctuation of hormones. And when it comes to gynecomastia Greenwich men of all ages can experience this, as it often sets in around puberty, when hormonal activity is at its peak. Or in some cases, it often comes about as a result of anabolic steroid use, as this can cause mis-regulation in hormones. Despite how common it is, many men choose not to talk about it and other men, simply have no idea what it is. therefore, there is a lot of misinformation that is spread about this condition, in this article, we will do our best to dispel a few of the most prominent rumors about this condition.

· Gynecomastia is Because of Excess Fat

One of the most common myths about Gynecomastia Greenwich surgeon Dr. Swift often hears from patients has got to be that this excess breast or nipple tissue is just because of excess fatty tissue. While this might be somewhat true, to some extent, as the best cosmetic surgeon Greenwich has to offer, Dr. Swift advises patients that fat alone isn’t the source of this condition. The fact of the matter is that hormones play a much larger role that fat does. As testosterone decreased, and estrogen levels rise, a man is more likely to develop breast or nipple tissue.

· Steroids Can Get Rid of Gynecomastia

Sure, it makes sense to many of us, right? If you say that gynecomastia occurs as a result of excess estrogen, then that means you just have to take steroids, which add to your testosterone levels right? Well,you’d be completely wrong, in fact you will likely increase your issues and make them far worse than they ever were before. One of the main causes of gynecomastia is steroids, this is because steroids shut down your natural testosterone production, which, when you come off the steroids, will mis-regulate your natural levels, and cause fluctuations. Plus, messing wit hormones chemically is a bad idea overall and something you should often avoid.

· Just Exercise, That Will Take Care of It!

This goes along with the first common myth, and while sure fatty tissue is a part of the puzzle and exercise never hurt anybody, it isn’t going to cure your gynecomastia. This isn’t fatty tissue; this is excess nipple tissue that has grown as a result of genetics or hormonal imbalances. As the best cosmetic surgeon Greenwich men trust for such a procedure, Dr. Swift warns his patients that this means that surgery is the only way to get rid of this condition.

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