Facial Rejuvenation Surgery for Asian Patients: Buccal Fat Removal with Chin and Eyelid Augmentation

Throughout the US, Europe, and Asia, we are currently in the midst of one of the biggest booms in plastic surgery. More men and women than ever before, are willing to undergo some form of aesthetic enhancement surgery – while in years past it might have been the last thing on their minds! The fact is that according to Dr. Richard Swift, the best facial plastic surgeon NYC has to offer, with more conversation being had about plastic surgery than ever before, individuals of different races, genders, nationalities, and social statuses, are taking an interest. And one of the most prominent groups in recent years has been Asians and Asian-Americans. Those individuals of Asian descent are known for having quite distinct features, and while it might have been frowned upon in years past, recently more Asian men and women are turning to some form of cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance and improve on their naturally-existing features. One of the most common procedures of interest has been Asian buccal fat removal surgery. For many of us, stubborn cheek fat is a common issue that has been known to cause a lot of stress and confidence issues amongst individuals. And as a result of their distinct facial features, excess buccal fat is especially common amongst Asian individuals. This is why the procedure has become a popular part of full facial rejuvenation surgery for Asian patients. Oftentimes, Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal surgery is done in conjunction with other different procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and even eyelid surgery. As these are all common areas, where individuals of Asian descent tend to experience issues, in addition, they all work in harmony with the cheeks to create improved facial contours and appearance. As we did previously for rhinoplasty, in this article, we will be going over chin and eyelid augmentation with Asian buccal fat removal surgery and how it works.

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery for Asian Patients

Your face is probably the most important aspect of your overall appearance. Considering that it often forms a person’s first impression of you and it’s somewhat of a window into your personality – letting someone know how you’re feeling at the moment, having a facial appearance that is pleasing to you aesthetically, and allows you to express yourself is important. Facial rejuvenation surgery takes a highly skilled and experienced surgeon such as Dr. Richard Swift, the best facial plastic surgeon NYC has in practice. For patients considering Asian or Korean buccal fat removal surgery, due to the presence of excess, unwanted cheek fat, it’s often a good time to have other facial plastic surgery procedures done at the same time. Harmony and ratios are an important aspect of aesthetics, and when you alter one area like the cheeks, it can often help by altering another area like the nose, chin, eyebrows, and more. For those with Asian features, these are some of the most common problem areas, or areas they would like to address.

Asian Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Combinations

As we have mentioned previously for individuals of Asian descent, the cheeks are one of the most common problem areas. According to Dr. Swift, the best buccal fat removal surgeon for Asian patients, “puffy” or “chubby” cheeks are a common sign of youthfulness, especially in Asian culture. And biologically, due to facial volume loss, as we age, our facial fat and collagen begin to dissipate and cause the face to thin out. For some patients, however, this fatty tissue can be excessive and not pleasing to their appearance, as they desire a thinner, trimmer, more streamlined appearance. To fight this, patients will have Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal surgery – in which they will be sedated in some way, then usually through inner incisions, the excess buccal fat pads, will be removed either fully or partially – depending upon the patient’s specific requirements. This will thin out the cheeks and hollows.

With Chin Augmentation

Another one of the most common issues amongst patients of Asian descent is the presence of a weak chin, that they would like to be more prominent and bold. It’s important to understand, the chin’s position at the bottom center of the face, where it connects to the cheeks makes it have a strong impact on your overall facial appearance. According to Dr. Swift, the best buccal fat removal surgeon for Asian patients, when the cheek area is altered, by also adding an implant or altering the size, shape, and prominence of the chin, it can help to enhance the overall contours even more – giving patients a thinner, more ovular shaped face.

With Eyelid Surgery

Individuals of Asian descent have very distinct eyelid shapes and oftentimes, this is an area in which many patients will want to improve or enhance through surgery. According to Dr. Swift, the best buccal fat removal surgeon for Asian patients, the chin, the eyelids, and eyes, are near the cheeks, and in fact, all three areas form a direct contour curve down one’s face. If a patient were to have Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal surgery, it may cause the eyelid region to stand out far more and become more prominent. Depending on the patient, this might be a good or bad thing, and therefore patients will often want to have them worked on in conjunction with Asian or Korean buccal fat removal surgery. Again the type of surgery differs from patient to patient, but generally, excess tissue may be removed, and sometimes fillers will be used to alleviate the “thin skin” appearance that is common beneath the eyes.

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