Asian Buccal Fat Removal Surgery and Facelift Surgery

No matter how great your skincare routine or how healthy your lifestyle is, no one’s skin can stand up to father time. Aging is simply a fact of life, and as we age, our skin will undoubtedly lose its youthful luster and has a tendency to sag and develop unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. And when it comes to aging, one of the biggest factors determining how your skin will react has got to be your race. Different races or ethnicities have different skincare needs, as their genetics dictate certain properties that others simply don’t. And while facial rejuvenation surgery has become quite popular over the years, it has reached a newfound peak amongst Asian and Asian-Americans. According to Dr. Richard Swift, the best facelift surgeon NYC has to offer, individuals with an Asian background generally have denser facial skin and as a result, their skincare needs can be different, particularly when it comes to facial rejuvenation surgery for Asian patients. Plus, aside from their needs, facial rejuvenation surgery for Asian patients has never been more popular. With procedures like the facelift or Asian buccal fat removal surgery, Asian patients can eliminate their most common problem issues and restore and rejuvenate their skin to match up to their youthful luster. This has led many surgeons like Dr. Swift, considered to be the best facelift surgeon NYC has in practice, to offer different variations and combination procedures directed towards Asian patients. One of the most popular is the Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal surgery with a facelift variation. In this article, we will be going over this innovative new technique for Asian and Asian-American patients.

Age-Related Skin Issues Amongst Asians

As we mentioned above, it’s important to understand that Asians like other races of people have different skincare needs. And with skin that is sometimes denser in areas, and the differences in the production of certain compounds like collagen or elastin, it’s no surprise Asian patients tend to have a larger, more prominent buccal fat pad area than other patients. While this area can appear to give the patient a more youthful, often “cute” look with puffy cheeks, in many cases this can make patients appear to be a bit chubby and hold excess fat in the face. According to Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for Asian or Korean buccal fat removal surgery NYC has in practice, with this combination procedure, patients can not only deal with their overly large buccal fat pads but can also alleviate other symptoms of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, drooping skin and more.

A Good Candidate for Asian Buccal Fat Pad Removal with Facelift

For many patients, age-related skin issues can often come on fairly slowly. According to Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for Asian or Chinese buccal fat removal surgery NYC has in practice, over time, however, just like anybody else the skin may begin to appear tired, and show wrinkles and drooping. It might sound obvious, but the best candidates for such a [procedure are generally those of Asian descent or those with features that closely resemble Asians, or even those that have similar issues. Aside from that, a good candidate:

– Should be in good overall health.

– Someone who is well-researched and educates themselves on the procedure.

– Someone with realistic expectations for what is possible through plastic surgery, specifically this procedure.

– Someone who is in stable, mental, and emotional health.

– A nonsmoker, or someone willing to quit for a few months before and after surgery.

– Someone with signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and more.

– Someone who has excess fatty tissue along with their buccal fat pads, that they aren’t happy with and would like to reduce or remove.

Your candidacy will be judged during your consultation.

Asian Buccal Fat Pad Removal with Facelift Procedure

Like any other procedure, it’s important to understand what it entails. For a full description of the procedure, it’s vital that you go over every possible detail with your surgeon before your procedure. This should include who is performing the surgery and where it will be. Just like a general facelift procedure, the goal of this method is to alleviate unwanted signs of aging, and to cut away unwanted, sagging skin along the face. During this procedure, a surgeon like Dr. Swift, the best surgeon for Asian or Korean buccal fat removal surgery NYC has to offer, will remove excess fatty tissue along with the buccal fat pad. Or depending on how severe your issues are you may even want to have them removed entirely. The combination of the two procedures helps as the surgeon can do them both at the same time, having a strong understanding of your overall facial lines and contours. This will ensure your result will be a lot better and in better overall facial harmony. For more information on this procedure be sure to contact Dr. Swift today.



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