After years and years of trying and failing, you’ve finally been able to achieve the massive weight loss you’ve always wanted. And whether it be through months of dedicated diet and exercise, or a more invasive surgical means of fat loss, like liposuction – chances are your body transformation is nowhere near complete! What most often occurs is that after experiencing some “massive” weight loss, you will be left with excess, saggy skin, stubborn fat, and leftover tissue. See as we gain weight, especially the older we are, the skin loses precious skincare compounds, like collagen and elastin. The purpose of elastin is to give your skin its elasticity, and its “springy” consistency. So without the skin having the protection of these compounds, and its added elasticity, it will no longer be able to “bounce back” from your weight loss experience. In order to reduce the appearance of this saggy skin and other excess tissues, Dr. Richard Swift, the top plastic surgeon New York has to offer, recommends patients undergo a type of surgical procedure known as body contouring surgery. Throughout his many years in aesthetic enhancement, Dr. Swift, has been able to fully transform his female patient’s bodies creating breathtaking curves, and ideal, smooth, streamlined contours. And while his results have been outstanding, and more and more patients are considering body contouring surgery every year, Dr. Swift believes many prospective patients are still unaware of all there is to know about this body-altering procedure. Dr. Swift believes patients should be as educated as possible, in all the ins and outs of their procedure, before even considering it – and this commitment to educating his patients is the reason he is considered to be the top plastic surgeon New York has in practice. So, without any further ado, here are 5 important things to know before your body contouring surgery.

· Body Contouring is Body Lifting

Body contouring is a surgical practice that is used in lifting procedures that tighten, tone, and streamline certain areas of the body – in some instances, they are used in conjunction with liposuction (lipo) to reduce the presence of excess fat. As the top plastic surgeon New York has to offer, Dr. Swift offers a number of different body contouring procedures, including the facelift, arm lift, tummy tuck, thigh lift, Brazilian butt lift, and many more!

· Are You an Ideal Candidate?

While body contouring procedures are not ideal for weight or fat loss, they are often used in conjunction with certain common fat loss methods like liposuction (lipo). However, it is important that when patients consider body contouring, they are within a reasonable distance from their ideal weight. And as the top plastic surgeon New York patients trust, Dr. Swift believes the ideal candidate for body contouring surgery will have the following qualities:

o Be within or near your ideal weight range.
o Do not smoke – Can adversely affect tissue healing.
o Overall health and wellness – free of any severe medical issues.
o Patients who are dedicated to living healthy and working towards a positive recovery process.
o Patients who have realistic body expectations and mental stability.

· Recovery

You must be prepared for the recovery associated with any type of body contouring procedure, as they will often entail invasive lifting measures and fat suction like liposuction (lipo). Drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy, follow your surgeons’ directions, get rest, and go to any and all follow-ups. Following all guidelines most patients will recover within a few weeks to months, with a completely transformed appearance.

· Keeping Up with Results

The results of body contouring procedures can be outstanding, Dr. Swift has been able to completely transform the look of many men and women – and often these results will take shape immediately after surgery, improving as you heal and swelling goes down. The important thing to know is that it takes living a healthy lifestyle post-surgery to keep your results up – you can’t eat 10,000 calories a day and not work out and expect to keep your results. You must dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle.

· Side Effects

Patients must be aware, this is highly invasive surgery, and there may be side effects like swelling, bruising, bleeding, fluid build-up, scarring, and these things may not heal too quickly in some instances. It is important to be aware that these things are normal, and that with the proper aftercare, and a smart lifestyle you can manage these side effects and not let them bother you too much.

Body contouring can truly transform the way you look and feel about yourself, find out if it is right for your today, by contacting Dr. Richard Swift.



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