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Selphyl Hair Restoration NYC

Selphyl Hair Restoration Might Be the Breakthrough You Need

For men, as well as a large percentage of women in 2020, hair loss has become one of the biggest and most troubling of concerns. Interestingly enough, while in years past hair loss issues, were thought to rarely, if ever cross certain lines through society such as gender, or race – however, with the current landscape, it seems that such issues have little to no effect on the severity of hair loss issues at all – but more so with how certain segments of society choose to or are able to deal with them. Over the past decade or two, many men and women have considered surgical hair restoration options such as conventional hair surgery, however, as the years went on, and surgery rarely looked at natural as patients thought it would be, the majority of patients decided against it. And luckily enough for them, according to plastic surgeons like Dr. Richard Swift, the top Selphyl hair restoration specialist in NYC, as well as PRP hair restoration, have easily become the most effective means of hair restoration around.

The important thing to understand about Selphyl hair restoration and PRP hair restoration overall, is that it isn’t some sort of a magic trick and it won’t make long, luscious locks simply appear, from where there was little to nothing in the past. The most effective thing about PRP hair restoration is that it can help make your hair thicker, fuller, healthier, shinier, and overall, better looking over all. The Selphyl hair restoration procedure is based upon PRP or platelet rich plasma hair restoration. PRP works by taking a sample of one’s blood. The blood sample is then placed within a centrifuge. The centrifuge works to separate the platelet rich plasma (which contains stem cells, growth factors and much more to help rejuvenate your hair) from the remaining blood. The yellow plasma I remove from the centrifuge is rich in growth factors that will stimulate your hair to grow. In fact, each shaft of hair gets thicker as a result of the treatment, more hairs grow in for increased density, AND less hair falls out. BY accomplishing such a task, we are able to help rekindle the life from certain non-functional hair follicles that might have even been dormant for years at a time.

Through the process by which the PRP is harvested, we are also able to harvest out any of the unwanted impurities of the PRP solution. Too often, individuals will be performing PRP treatments and find that their solution is in a way contaminated by the presence of unwanted random blood cells that need not be there at this time. However, through the PRFM process made possible through Selphyl hair restoration and the addition of Calcium Chloride to the compound. Its important that we now understand exactly what PRFM actually is.

PRFM is similar to the PRP style but refers to platelet-rich-fibrin matrix. While this may sound like a confusing sci-fi movie, it is actually a unique process that is the next generation of PRP. The PRFM is even more concentrated with platelets than PRP is and is therefore seen as a more powerful antidote for hair loss. In addition, another step is added to the initial process of creating the PRFM. We add calcium chloride to the platelet mixture to make it into a thicker gel. The most important aspect about the two solutions is that while both work, and can offer help for men and women who might be losing their hair – there are some differences at hand, and reasons why we must keep in mind that the Selphyl hair restoration process, making us of the PRFM compound actually leads to a far cleaner, more efficient brand of hair restoration, that what is possible through conventional PRP solution therapy.

While both PRP and PRFM are excellent solutions for hair restoration, we have seen greater results with the newer PRFM technique. The main reason that PRFM works better is that it works on a slower, delayed healing response thanks to the gel-like quality of the injection. The gel helps to hold the structure of the platelets together, preventing cellular breakdown and allowing these cells to get to the hair follicles that are most in need. For more information on Selphyl hair restoration, be sure to contact Dr. Richard Swift today.

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