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Exosomes PRP

Common Benefits of Exosomes PRP

Within the last decade or so, PRP, otherwise known as platelet-rich plasma therapy has become one of the most highly effective methods to ensure the health and overall wellness of your cells, hair, skin, joints and other soft tissue(s). interestingly enough, while PRP treatment began mainly in the realm of athletics, and early on, become known to help individuals across the sports landscape to help regenerate their cartilage and areas of connective tissue, aesthetic medicine specialists, such as dermatologists and plastic surgeons, began performing tests, that helped us to outline a number of amazing benefits in both general health and the cosmetic world as well.

Made famous by basketball stars like the late Kobe Bryant, and reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian, PRP therapy proved to be one of the most highly effective, and versatile tissue and cell rejuvenation methods around. Platelet rich plasma therapy works by first extracting some of the patient’s own blood. These blood samples contain a high concentration of blood platelets, stem cell growth factors, active proteins, and many more compounds essential for tissue regeneration and overall healing. Having been used for years, PRP therapy has been able to help countless men and women over the years, to deal with issues ranging from joint pain, tendonitis, ligament damage, joint damage to cosmetic issues including, skin blemishes, acne scars, dull, dry skin, skin discolorations, sun spots, and much more! And while PRP therapy has proven to be quite effective on its own, the use of exosomes PRP has become infinitely more effective and allowed patients to achieve tissue regeneration effects faster and more effectively than ever before possible.

While many might not be familiar with the terms, exosomes can be described as extracellular vesicles – the term was first devised over 30 years ago to describe tiny bubbles with a diameter of approximately 40-100nm that can be secreted by the majority of most cells. In addition, it has a lipid membrane structure and is internally coated with proteins, mRNAs, microRNA, and other substances as well. Apart from exosomes there are also other types of microbubbles in cells (such as apoptotic bodies and extranuclear particles), each type has a different function. Exosomes are often overlooked as a separate category, but they are a functionally different type of vesicle. The fact is that exosomes offer patients the ability to drastically improve their results, that they would achieve just by using standard PRP. Some of the more common benefits patients can achieve using exosomes PRP includes:

· Improved Skin Texture

· Hair Restoration

· Decreased Bruising & Unwanted Swelling

· Faster Recovery from Surgery and Other Trauma

· Increased Sexual Health for Both Men & Women

When it comes to cosmetics, exosomes PRP therapy offers a number of amazing benefits and relatively common treatment methods. One of the most common being Vampire Facials – to help patients combat certain skin issues, and blemishes. Similar to PRP microneedling, the Vampire facial works by creating a series of micro puncture sites along the skin’s surface, and as these punctures are present, the platelet-rich plasma or exosomes PRP solution is rubbed along the punctures and often injected within the punctures as well. The exosomes along with the stem cell growth factors can combine to help improve the health and wellness of the skin overall – ensuring the skin rids itself of the damaged, unwanted skin tissue and replaces it with the smooth, soft, fresh skin cells over time.

Other interesting treatments for exosomes PRP injections include sexual wellness for both men and women. While this is certainly a relatively newer application, when combined exosomes PRP injections can help women to combat sexual dysfunction in the form of reducing vaginal dryness, reducing pain during intercourse, and also allowing women to improve their overall female orgasm issues – as these issues can become quite common amongst women, especially as they age. In addition, for men, the addition of exosomes PRP injections can help men treat erectile dysfunction issues and to heighten sexual satisfaction as well.

Another relatively common treatment method for exosomes PRP injections includes hair restoration – in reality, this is probably the most common treatment method, as it works for both men and women’s hair loss issues. When the exosomes PRP solution is injected into the patient’s scalp, it will help to stimulate the somewhat damaged hair follicles, while helping to thicken and strengthen the hairs that appear to be thinning and are no longer thick and lustrous as they were in years past. The addition of exosomes PRP injections will likely improve the look and feel of these hair follicles over the course of a few days to weeks. To learn more about the different methods of Exosomes PRP treatment, for hair restoration, joint pain and much more, be sure to contact Dr. Swift today!

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